Different shades of blue Goyardine?

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  1. #1 Jun 5, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2016
    Hey Guys :smile:
    I'm driving myself insane... I really want a St. Louis GM in Blue but I'm noticing that there's maybe 3 different shades of blue?
    The one I want is a very carbon royal blue but on the website all I see are navy and sky blue (which looks very cyan/teal to me).
    Can someone clarify this to me?

    The Royal Blue I really want!

    What I believe is the Sky Blue/Light Blue

    Another possible shade of the light blue?

    Navy Blue

    Am I color blind or something? LOL Did Goyard discontinue the royal blue and kept sky blue and navy?
    Thank you guys im advance!
  2. A few years ago I noticed Goyard changed the shades of their Goyardine colors. Today's yellow, red, orange, burgundy and green seem to be different than how they used to be. And you're right : today there's the choice between a deep navy (which is darker than it used to be) and a light blue (that seems lighter than before...) but It's not fade ! Still a cool pop of color
  3. I noticed this too! I am in the process of ordering a Saint Marc card holder and they send me a picture of two light blues, but the colours seem to vary;

    Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 20.11.14.png
  4. So, this is what they're calling the light blue now? If it is, then that's what I'm looking for.
    I did notice that the new navy is very very dark, almost purple/black-ish but there's some St. Louis in light blue that looks veeeery faint, almost baby blue.
    I live far from the Maison Goyard in Brazil but I phoned them and they would mail the bag to me, I'm just afraid of ordering it and end up not liking if it's too light.
    I really want a rich deep cobalt blue.

  5. If you have Instagram I advise you to search for light blue Goyardine pictures. It will give you an idea of the real color in different lightnings and situations. You can also ask Goyard to send you the picture of the item you're interested in.
  6. Coincidentally, I had the same conversation with the SA in 233 boutique a few days ago. Indeed, per the SA assisting me, it is just the different batches producing different shades of the special colors (e.g. sky blue, navy blue, yellow, green, burgundy). Based on my observation, navy blue has now become much darker in shade if you compare to those made around 5 years ago.
  7. That's interesting...
    So, apparently they are not making the Bleu Claire anymore and what's on the shelves is the "new" Bleu Ciel...

    Bleu Ciel

    Bleu Claire

    I need to say I'm kinda disappointed... The Bleu Ciel is too light for me. It took me YEARS literally to take the plunge and now my favorite color is not available anymore :sad:
    Even the green (which would be my second option) has changed drastically. It used to be an amazing forest green now it's more of a hunter green.
    Why did you do this to me, Goyard? :sad:
  8. This is DEFINITELY the shade of light blue Goyard makes today ! I was at the store in Paris a few days ago and trust me, the color just looks like that.
  9. In facts it has changed a lot ! And navy blue is the one that had the most noticeable change. It has changed so much that now when i see an old navy bag down the street i think it looks off like a fake one, but it's just the old shade...
  10. You mean the Bleu Ciel right? :sad:
    I miss the Bleu Claire :sad: I think I'll need to go to the pre-loved route... The thing with the St. Louis is that some pre-loved might have cracks and damages on the corners since this bag is so prone to these problems.
  11. The blues have varied a LOT - my friend ordered luggage and has been trying to add pieces over the years, but you can quite clearly see that the colors are different. It's OK because we just say the lighter pieces have been taken to sunny places already!
  12. The exact light blue shade Goyard has currently in store in the last picture you put here (3rd one I guess). So I think they actually have what you want !

  13. Agreed! I sold my old navy and bought the new navy and love it so much more!