Different shades of azur?

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  1. As some of you know, my husband got me the last azur neverfull in the old style for my birthday about a week ago and I got to finally take her out and admire her for the first time today, my birthday! Hoping for warmer weather soon so I can take her out..

    When I went to put her in my closet with the rest of my collection, I noticed that the blue squares were much lighter than those of my azur artsy (purchased about two years ago).
    Both were purchased directly from the botique new by me, so I am not concerned about authenticity but simply wondering..have any of you noticed variations in your azur pieces? These are my only two.
    It may be hard to tell in the pic but the neverfull blue squares are noticeably lighter in person.

  2. Yes!!! I actually went through old threads about this and only saw threads about mono and DE. My speedy 30 is 5 yrs old MIF and seems "warmer" then my 2013 NF MIUS.

    I actually just bought the DA cles today and asked my SA about it. She's always been sweet but she didn't think there should be a difference.

    Let me post the color differences in my DA pieces.

    Also check out this thread about the canvas DA differences, page 1 has a great example:

  3. I bought the Azur NF about 2 years ago and last year a Speedy B, side by side the new Azur seems to be more of a cream whereas my NF appears more of a white.
  4. Your comparing a brand new never touched azur to one that has been used for two years. Of course it will look different. A used bag gets dirty. Just like the link posted above, a new purse compared to an older bag, that has darkened due to sunlight, pollution, dirt, and skin oils etc.
  5. Thank you both for your responses! I did a quick search but wasn't able to find anything. I was more curious than anything. I have noticed different shades with ebene before.. Kind of makes them unique ;)
  6. I am not referring to the aging of the bag or the patina of the leather but an actual difference in the dye/shade of the blue.
  7. I noticed my DE neverfull and speedy b 30 DE are also diff shades. I don't own any azure pieces so I can't chime in on that.
  8. My NF is the brightest, cles a little warmer, speedy warmest.




  9. Thanks so much for taking the time to post those pictures and the great link from earlier! I guess there are just canvas variations ;) they are all so pretty! Can't wait for summer!

  10. Thanks for the info! I've noticed the DE variations before as well
  11. Thank you for this thread. I dont have any azur yet but im planning to buy. I didnt know they have different shade. :smile:
  12. I forgot about my DA cles - I will check that tomorrow as well! It's actually the shade of blue that varies on my bags.

  13. You're welcome ;) I didn't know until now either lol! Although I have noticed different shade of ebene before.
  14. No problem :smile: the only issue I have with these variances is when it comes to accessories/slgs as they don't match the bag if we were to use the same print together (like a cles as a charm).

    I don't notice this with my mono and DE but only with DA. I would be lying if I haven't thought of selling my speedy for a whiter one as she isn't used much (in dust cover) but I'm trying to let go if my OCD lol:lol:

    Enjoy your beautiful pieces!!!

  15. Thank you!!
    Good thing I am an avid "mix and matcher" when it comes to bags and accessories lol ! I too play rug of war with my OCD ;) good luck!