Different Sellers with same photos

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  1. Hi I'm looking for some advice and hope that someone will be able to help me even though this doesn't concern a bag (this time)
    I've just won an auction for a pair of UGG Boots and following the end of the auction ebay showed other pictures of boots for sale and it was then that I saw the exact same picture used to sell my boots for a different seller in another part of the country. I then checked through all the listings for UGGS and found yet another seller using the same photo. These boots were sold as new but the photo being duplicated is not a stock photo but one taken in someone's home although the other sellers are selling a different size.
    I assumed that I was bidding on the boots in the photo - which I thought looked authentic however now I can't help feeling suspicious. I haven't contacted the seller or paid yet - any advice regarding what to do next would be most appreciated.
  2. What kind of feedback does the seller have? You can be direct and tell the seller that you've discovered the same pictures in different auctions and you are concerned and wary of being scammed. They could be your sellers photos that have been stolen.

    After you explain your worry - ask if the seller will take a photo of the boots that you could use for authentication - but have them include their seller name written on a slip of paper visible in the photo.

    You could also contact ebay and tell them what you've discovered and what your fears are.

    Good luck.
  3. contact ebay NOW.

    You don't want a NPB strike and you want to protect yourself.
  4. Ask the buyer and contact eBay straight away!!
  5. Thanks for your advice - it's been really helpful. :biggrin:
  6. have you managed to sort it out with the buyer OP?
  7. Yes I emailed the seller with my concerns and they did say that their partner was selling in a different area, however I still didn't feel comfortable with going through with the transaction so we agreed to a mutual cancellation. I have to say their feedback was good but low and after reading the ebay guide on fake UGGS (which I should have read before bidding !) I just didn't want to take the risk. Having looked through the UGG listings on ebay I'm resigned to having to pay full price for them if I want a pair. :sad:
    I'm obviously not as savvy as I thought I was when it comes to buying on ebay and as far as handbags are concerned without the help of the wonderful ladies on the 'authenticate this' thread I would have most probably ended up with a fake bag by now as well !:tpfrox: