Different quality in MC pattern/canvas between "made in france" and "made in usa"

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  1. I'm shock and really sad today. I have carried my new buy mc pochette out yesterday and already notice it gone a bit dirty, so I give it a clean the way as I use on my mc priscilla. Using a rubber and some wet gauze, the grey on my pochette doesn't go as easy as that on my priscilla. And then I notice, the white background of my pochette is not as white as my priscilla. The even worst part has come to my notice, the fleurs on my pochette is not as sharp as my priscilla!!! :wtf:

    Giving a bit of background, the pochette is bought preowned brand new and made in usa while my priscilla is owned and carried for about 2.5 years and made in france. Is my pochette a A+ fake (which I don't think it's the case)?:crybaby:is it poor quality from "made in usa"?? Seriously, thinking of going to the boutique and ask the staff in person. If the pochette is not a fake, it's not fair! We're paying the same money for different quality bags! I've enclosed some photos trying to show the differences...


    Sharp fleurs on my white priscilla

    Blurry fleurs on my slightly off white pochette
  2. Sometimes, there are minor variances in coloring and stitching. My Keepall 60 for example has a very thick canvas compared to my Speedy 40 both in mono and both Made in France.
  3. Hi the pochette looks authentic to me.
  4. It looks authentic, just heavily used. The silkscreening on MC bags fades and chips and the white canvas gets dingy. Your seller probably just used it a lot which is why it became dingier and grayish. I had a MC cles that looked like that and I gave it away. It's not a difference in quality, just a well-used piece. Looks like some of it may be permanent color transfer, but not major enough for a SNAD, just normal use. Your seller likely wore her pochette on her shoulder with dark clothing or rested it on her lap while wearing jeans. Just normal wear and tear for a used MC pochette. I see no difference in quality, just a well-used pochette.
  5. FYI, the other "LVs" on your priscilla that are not on the flap of the pocket look less defined. I wonder if it might have to do with how the pocket flap canvas is very structured whereas the rest of the bag is more loose (and the pochette is more loose) and that may cause the eye to play tricks on you. Not sure if this is making sense, but I honestly dont think they are that different and I agree with above, probably normal wear and tear and also tricks the eyes are playing on you.

    I was surprised when I bought my damier keepall 50, damier wallet, DBF's damier cig case, and my damier key pouch - that they all look different in the store. Every single one looked like it was from different canvas, yet they were all MIF !!! Then the SA showed me a damier speedy from the USA and it looked really chocolate brown whereas my items had a more yellowish tinge to them. I was a little unsure at first, but after some use and once I got them out of that terrible boutique lighting, they all look the same. I honestly think your pochette looks fine and not to worry.

  6. When were each of the two bags made? (ie. the year as determined from the datecode) Technically, that is another variable, especially since I've read some people saying that the quality of the canvas has declined over recent years (regardless of where made). So which "year of canvas" was each bag made with?

  7. Also, I believe the canvas itself (regardless where the bag was made/constructed) is made in one location (France?).
  8. charleston-mom, The pochette was bought as in brand new condition (it even comes with the plastic on the zipper) but it just gets "grey" after one use unlike my priscilla which is always in white white condition.

    momtok, My pochette was made in 2004 while my priscilla was 2006, so the canvas hasn't declined in quality.

    suemb, I'm not sure if all the canvas is made in france. It may be helpful if more purseblogger can post their MC canvas with year/ place made so that we can find out what makes the difference. I'm think of getting a new pochette (of course in better quality canvas) and then give away this one to my cousin later.

  9. I'm not actually even certain if the canvas itself is made in France or somewhere else. I believe the date codes specify where/when the bag (as a whole) was constructed, not specifically when/where the canvas alone was made/extruded/printed.
  10. The canvas is all made in France from my understanding. It is shipped to places where it is put together. It may be that there is less of a coating on the pochette since it needs to be softer.