Different prints for different seasons?

  1. So do you all use your different prints at different times of the year?

    We are going to Disney World in a few weeks and I am so excited to use my Inferno bags since it will be Halloween soon. I am also planning on using Vacanze for the winter and L'Amore for February and I used Spiaggia for July and August.

    When do you use the different prints?
  2. I use mine all of the time haha~~ No matter the season... It just depends on what I'm wearing for the day :biggrin: If I had a Vacanze bag, I would *only* use it in the winter... which is why I'm kind of wondering if I should get one or not.
  3. I use all of my bags year-round - I just pick whichever bag best matches my outfit on any given day.
  4. We've got two seasons in Hawaii - "sunny" and "rainy". *lol* It's actually getting into our "rainy" season now...

    So anyway, I just wear whatever bag matches my outfit.
  5. I use my prints whenever but I needa get a small inferno for halloween I've decided :smile:
  6. i match my bags with my outfit...we dont really have seasons in hawaii like maya stated
  7. Hmmm I was just wondering this subject today. I was telling my aunt (whom listens to all my crazy toki babble) about the Vacanze print and I explained to her how it was a wintery one...with a pine tree with snow and that it kin dof reminds me of Christmas. So she immediately asked if I would use it only during the holidays...but I told her how it wasn't all Christmas colory. Then I "lucked out" and got a Spiaggia Campeggio today and was like oh but it's a beach print. Here, I live in Central New York where summers are so short and winters well...we live in the snow belt. Man now I'm thinking how weird it might be to have a Spiaggia print. *sigh* Toki issues!
  8. I use the print if it goes with the outfit and it fits the season... I used my Spiaggia Ciao Ciao yesterday on one of the last warm summer days here in NYC. I like Foresta and L'Amore for spring and summer. Arancia is nice in the summer too. I plan on using Trasporto a bit during the fall (nice autumny colors). And of course Inferno around Halloween (although I use it all year round). I didn't get to use Pirata on 'Talk Like a Pirate Day' though, lol. All the others (besides Vacanze) can pretty much be worn year round.
  9. I do kind of stick to certain bags for the season or the occaision. I think of Paradiso, Spiaggia & L'amore as spring/summer bags. Adios Star & Inferno as autumn (halloween) bags. I wear Foresta to the zoo or veterinarian (you know, animal related things). Citta Rosa for outings in the city. I wore my Trasporto today for my emissions test and a car wash. I don't match my bag to my outfit... I match my outfit to my bag. I decide what bag I want to wear and then pick something that goes with it.

    But I don't think there's anything at all wrong with wearing any of the bags for any season.
  10. i envy those who live in places where it will soon be cold :sad: were still in the 90's :sad: its horrible :sad: lol sorry very off topic
  11. I wear my bags whenever. It's pretty much always summer in Miami, so if I went by the seasons I wouldn't wear half my bags. Plus, I think they look cute no matter what season it is. BUT I must say, Vacanze does look pretty winter-y. I think I'll only use mine during the "winter".:biggrin:

    ... and that doesn't sound off topic at all. Everyone was talking about the weather. :p
  12. hm... i've been contemplating the same thing myself, bc of vacanze... I'll def be using that thru the winter, as soon as I get my hot little hands on one... I :heart: the holidays!!!!

    that and the fact that no more new prints are coming out, so I gotta figure out how I'm going to rotate my bags!! (so far, I rotate every time I get my newest bag... ha!)

    I too think that amore and paradiso are more 'springy' prints, and spiaggia def summery, and inferno halloweenish... and famiglia, trasporto and the other slightly darker/neutral colors are better for fall... I think OP, tutti and AS are good anytime.. but that's JMO...

    even in CA, we don't get seasons that much, mostly just warm and cold, and sometimes rain. but whatever... I think in the end I will just rotate bags whenever I get inspired... or tired of the current bag I have! haha...
  13. I just use whatever bag I feel like for that day. I can't do the whole, "I'll use this in winter, this in summer and this is spring etc." I change my bag almost everyday.
  14. I just use my bags anytime, matching my outfit or not. I just like to rotate them every few days. Also, depends if I work or just going out and how much items I will need to carry. I love um all and use them all!
  15. I've been subconsciously matching prints to seasons. In May/June I bought five Paradiso bags; I wouldn't even give Inferno the time of day. But this month I've been obsessing over Inferno. I broke out my Fumo Zucca this weekend and I'm hauling my Trasporto Campeggio to work tomorrow. (I have a NWT Paradiso Campeggio
    but I told myself it'll get too dirty as a work bag; it was a good excuse to buy the Trasporto one!).
    So I guess this makes Mother Nature my stylist. :p