different prices for Birkin in edifferent countries

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  1. Hi ladies, I live in Italy and most of you come from Usa or other countries so I am just curious to know how Birkin prices can change from one country to another one, and how much could be the difference.
    Here a clemence Birkin 35cm with palladium HW is sold at euro 6.500. I wait your kind replies, thanks :P :P
  2. Sorry I Did An Error In The Thread Title Above, I Meant

    " Different Prices For Birkin In Different Countries"
  3. ^^
    Really..I actually paid 4,690 euro when I bought my Birkin togo/gold in Italy 2004.Maybe clemence is a more expensive leather:weird:
  4. I live in Switzerland and when I went to the store 2 weeks ago, they said a togo/clemence 30cm Birkin is roughly between 7400-7800 Swiss Francs (about 6000 US dollars).
  5. I know that every year prices increase, so actually the birkin is higher than sometimes ago....
  6. I live in Rome, and I was in Hermes last friday to find out about Birkins and my SA said she had sold one that day 35cm Togo for 5000 euro and she showed me a 40cm Clemence and the price tag was 5460 euro, so you must have got it wrong..:smile:
  7. oh, it could be; I got the price by phone as I called her for my birkin, so maybe she or I didn't understand the ammout....:weird: :weird:
  8. .....You've just saved over 1000 euro..!?!;) :biggrin:
  9. I went to the Hermes store again today here in Switzerland, and for ostrich it is roughly 14,500 Swiss Francs (11,400 US dollars).
  10. Okay, I'm officially bummed. I could save $1k by finding one in Europe. I need to get myself on a plane!!
  11. Greentea - You can get a free trip with the extra price you pay there! So, you get a Birkin and a free holiday!
  12. Hey - I'll see if that flies with my DH!
    We're planning to go to Europe in a couple of years again and have frequent flyer miles. But I don't want to wait two years. Maybe I'll get my Birkin here and the Kelly overseas! :smile:
  13. I wish the ladies in the USA can build some kind of trust with our European friends. That way, we could purchase our bags through them and they could send them to us. We could even give them a small commission for a service fee!!! Wouldn't that be nice?!

  14. This could be a very good idea :idea: if u ladies have friends overseas, they can buy stuff for you at lower prices :amuse: :amuse:
  15. So it's anyway cheaper buying Hermes in europe than in other countries??