Different Policies at Wall Street?

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  1. I called the Wall Street store today to have something shipped to me, but they refused to ship the item to me unless I paid with American Express (I do not do business with Am Ex). They tried telling me that this was "company policy". Now I know that is not true, because every other H store lets me pay with VISA debit with no problems when shipping items out to me. Has anyone else encountered this problem with Wall Street? Even Madison will ship to me without the Am Ex policy.

    I had to do a work around to get the items I wanted, and the Wall Street store ended up losing the sale to another store.

    Is Wall Street corporate, or is it independent like Manhasset?
  2. Wall Street is coporate. Some stores will accept AX and not Visa. I have no idea why.
  3. How strange, Ranag! WS is "my" store and for sure it is a corporate store. I don't recall any problems ordering with a VISA in the past (though for sure I mostly use AMEX).

    Do you remember to whom you spoke?

    Sorry MM, we posted at the same time!
  4. The exact same thing happened to me. Bethc had mentioned a shawl that I wanted and they said they only accept American Express to ship. I thought that I would allow that SA to ring it up. She refused. I called another store and they got the sale. Their loss.:cursing:
  5. as far as i know wall street is corporate and i'm not sure about manhasset since the opening of the new strore.
    i think manhasset is still independent but with the bigger store i think they have a higher quota.
    i have never had anything shipped and don't know the policy.
    very strange.
  6. It is a very strange policy indeed! I cannot remember who I spoke with - she just kept insisting that Am Ex is "company policy". I told her that even Madison ships to me without using Am Ex. Oh well - lost sale for them. I hope they rethink this policy in the future.
  7. I have never had anything shipped from over the phone @ Wall St. but I did buy my HAC there and used my VISA debit. That's odd....guess I'll never be able to order anything then cause I don't use Amer. Express.
  8. That is bizzare! I hate inconsistencies with stuff like that. Glad you were able to work around their silly rule.
  9. I pm'd you, Rana - but I don't have an AmEx card either...
  10. I had the same thing happen, "we don't ship unless you use Amex."
    I still don't understand that. :nogood:
  11. I was told the same thing but then I offered to come pay for the item in person and the SA said wait let me try and see if it works, and it did. Odd...
  12. So, I might be wrong, but I think you can use a different card if the store has a physical imprint of your credit card. I've shipped stuff using a Mastercard from Wall St. There may be some kind of insurance thing with Amex that the other cards don't have?

    :confused1: Je ne sais pas.
  13. I was initially told the same thing -- only AMEX. However they accepted my VISA after they were able to locate my profile in their computer. I had never shopped at the store prior to this purchase, and they did not have an imprint of my card. So they should definitely take your VISA. I would ask to speak with the director and try to do a workaround, if you find something you want there in the future. Good luck. :smile:
  14. I couldn't agree more, inconsistencies make everyone look disorganized and amateurish and reflects badly on the brand. glad you were able to work around the rule, hopefully they figure it out for future less creative and determined customers :P
  15. There seems to be a preference for Amex in the US indeed.

    Ranag, you're lucky that Wall St was even willing to let go of whatever you were after, to your other store. Sometimes, a H store will 'hog' something that they want to try to sell on their own, and just won't release inventory. Hopefully the management of Hermes will standardize the sales process. And if something is indeed reserved for a customer, the item be sold quickly upon arrival at the store.