Different Paddington/Paddy Styles & Sizess relased

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  1. Balchfen's thread on favorite style after the paddy got me thinking: how many different style paddy's were released?? [p] Satchel in Mini, Medium, and Large [p] Loaf in Mini, Medium, and Large [p Large Tote (with three zippers and open side pockets)[p] Pocket [p] Hobo [p] What else am I forgetting??
  2. The Cross-Body hobo!
  3. Apologies- my Mac browser appears incompatible with the new PF upgrades. WAH!!

    Let's see if this works:

    • Satchel: mini, medium, large
    • Loaf: mini, medium, large
    • Cross body Hobo
    • Large Tote
    • Front Pocket

  4. There's also the "Tall Satchel" and the "Double Zip"
  5. OMG...this will drive me nuts...:nuts: There's the large US Shopper (from '06) and then the two "east west zippy boulers" (medium and large). Are we counting all the little make up bags, journals, clutches, agendas, wallets, etc.? :rolleyes:
  6. OK, so that's:

    1. Satchel: mini, medium, large
    2. Loaf: mini, medium, large
    3. Cross body Hobo
    4. Large Tote
    5. Front Pocket
    6. Tall Satchel
    7. Douple Zip
    8. Box (not the same as the loaf)
    9. Large Shopper
    10. East/West Bowlers/Boulers: medium and large
    11. East/West satchel with the tiny side lock
    not going down the accessory path :P

  7. hmmmmmm......how about: -

    12. Large and Small Vanity Case (the one Kylie had in Black from the First season)
  8. ^^Isn't the vanity paddy the loaf??? They look kinda similar from what i remember
  9. The front pocket comes in a medium and a large. The large has more doodads like straps on it's side.

  10. The Vanity Case was taller and stuctured. Had a mirror inside the lid. It came out the very first season and then wasn't repeated. I had one in Black but it's long gone now :crybaby:
  11. I think there's more... but I can't be sure of their official names. E.g. there's the Saddle, and several versions of Paddington Hobos (there's this taller rectanglish one, a wider one, a bucket shaped one...) Sorry for being terribly confusing :P Maybe Chloe experts can help out!
  12. How many sizes do the paddys come in, and what are the sizes?
    And if you dont mind please post pics.:smile:
  13. Hi futurerichgirl, it depends what you mean by 'paddington.' For the original paddy, there's the mini and the standard. But then there are paddy totes, capsules, east-wests, baulettos, satchels, mini-satchels, domes, hobos, bowlers... the list goes on and on.

    If you want to see pictures, there are plenty on the web, or check the Chloe forum reference library, as there are lots of modelling pictures. Modelling pictures are probably better if you're unfamiliar with paddies, as you can compare the size of the bag to a body shape.
  14. I just got my first Chloe and it is the paddington large tote - it is 20"x12".