Different or same style?

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  1. Do you tend to buy the same style Bbags or do you have a variety?

    For me~ I like to have a variety of different styles b/c it keeps me from getting bored.

    How about YOU????
  2. I like variety.
  3. I've been only buying firsts or citys right now. Just branching out on colours. I also find that in certain colours I prefer some styles over others.

    I'd love to add a flat messenger and a WE to my collection, but I think that may be a long-term goal? At the moment - there are other bags that are catching my eye!

    Plus I've been in a "back to basics" mission lately so I've really pared down my collection and I want to see how I fare before I go and accumulate more bags again!
  4. I try to branch out and buy different styles, but end up selling or exchanging them and buying more day bags. For me, with two toddlers, the day bags are the most practical. When my kids are older I will get more styles, but for now I get days otherwise I won't use it.
  5. I am just starting to build my BBag wardrobe but I building it on variety.

    I have 1 day, 2 cities, 1 twiggy and a weekender on the way. I want to get a part-time and a first next.

    I need variety because sometimes I need a small bag, medium bag, big bag, shoulder bag...it just depends on what I'm doing that day.
  6. hmmmm i think variety, but varieties of the styles i like :p
  7. GREAT varity Jewel!!!:smile: Be sure to post pics when you get them!!!!
  8. I like to have at least 2 of every style I like the most...so I have 4 firsts, 3 cities, 2 weekenders, 3 purses....I seem to use my purses and cities the most...so I'd like to get another colour of each! The great thing about BBags is you can mix up the styles and colours!
  9. I love the First best of all, I buy mostly Firsts.
  10. Well, I only have one bbag, but if I were to get another one, it would would definitely be a different style.
  11. I am a recently new convert, so my collection is still small. I see many different styles in my future even though I only have 2 cities right now.
  12. I have all different styles right now. Once I get the styles I want then I will start getting the styles in different colors. I STILL NEED a Work, Mini Bowling and Box. I'd like to get the New Hobo style if they ever make it in RH.
  13. variety!

    I want one in all the basic styles. a day is next for me
  14. I have a city, first, and day in different (although blue) colors, I like variety...
  15. Is there any way to find out if they will be making the new hobo with reg hardware?