Different models of Speedy 35

  1. I am looking for Minilin and Damier Speedy 35's, but do these bags even exist? :p I can only find them in 30...
  2. no mini lin only comes in 30 & damier comes in 25, 30 sizes
  3. No, sorry.
    You might be able to have an SO,but im not sure.
  4. Those bags only come in the 30. You could ask about a special order. They aren't cheap, but they can be done!
  5. The Damier should be able to be done but the Mini Lin won't for another year or so. Lines generally need to be out for 2 years before special orders will be accepted. :yes:
  6. The Damier should be able to SO.
  7. Ah, ok, too bad though, because I really would love a 35 Minilin :love: But thanks anyways, guys :tup: