Different LV prices in different countries?

  1. Hi PFers,

    My friend's friend who was visiting Taiwan (Taipei) said that LV bags in the LV store is cheaper there? Does anyone know? Is there tax there on handbags?? Thanks.
  2. My hubby brought back a Viva Cite GM :tender:for me and yes it is a little cheaper (compared to Vancouver prices and taxes, we have 14% tax!). There is no tax in Taiwan, the price includes the tax. Hope your friend has a great time!:yes:

    PS. We have the same initials! I'm also a pfung!:yes: Isn't that neat?
  3. PS. One more thing, my hubby also told me that the prices in Taiwan fluctuate with the Euro dollars so when the Euro dollar drops so does the price! Apparently, they had a price drop a couple of months ago (as stated the SA who helped him with the purchase!). Good Luck!
  4. yes! Lv in taiwan is cheaper! sometimes they also had sales on bags etc:yes:
  5. Louis started to get so expensive here with the strength of the Euro, I believe prior to that they used the frank? whatever it was, we actually had a price decrease when I bought my first bag and it was before France was part of the Euro from what I understand.......
  6. You mean LV sale?:wtf: I thought they never go on sale:weird:. Don't know about Taiwan but Hong Kong is cheaper too cos no sales tax but they might introduce GST soon:Push:
  7. Is LV cheaper in HK than US then?
  8. yes! LV in taiwan goes sale sometimes, im not kidding:yes: , i think its has the cheapest price in LV(taiwan):yes:
  9. :wtf: Do you know when, like which month???? My friend goes there a lot might ask him to get me something:graucho:.
  10. i dont know.. im gonna ask my friend there...ill tell you if they will have this year. but you know when lv in taiwan had sale, its so0oo0 very very crowded... sooo soooo really, and you will see alot of people holding sooo many items.. asians are the most obsessed on luxury items.. just like as if buying a candy...especially on hermes stores
  11. Are you sure they have sales? I remember hearing about a 15% discount for one day only (sometime last year) because there was a grand re-opening (newly renovated) store in Taipei but it was just the one time. I asked my hubby to go and buy some stuff but he said it was crazy there, line ups down many many blocks! I will have to ask him to confirm sales with his SA. Will keep you all posted!:yes:
  12. Ohh... thank you.:flowers: I'll make sure he camp outside the store one day in advance:graucho: :lol:
  13. wow i dont even know many fung's out there! Thanks for all your input. this thread is turning interesting...
  14. It seems like to me that the LV prices are about the same or a little more expensive? I don't think that it's cheaper in Taipei. And I've also never heard of LV going on sale here.
  15. yes when you research and take your time lv can be on "sale", i dont really have the buget for lv but i love it and my parent were going to europe sooo i did some research and i wanted to get a carryall in mono, a ss for it (it acctually doesnt look that bad) and a preforated cles, in australia this costs a total of $2115 (au), it cost a total of (with 12% vat discount which is a little bonus) 836 euro, equvalent to $1421 at 33% discount!!!!! and that with a horrorable horrorable dollar to euro (1 euro = 1.7 au) imagine if it were good! so moral of story if you live in OZ or NZ or Japan go to france for your lv!!!