Different Leathers Vary From Marcelle to Marcelle?

  1. Sigh....after all I've been through. I sat down tonight with my black Marcelle, my black Lucy and my cognac Marcelle. The black ones are different seasons - one has a khaki lining, the other the purple. The cognac is older - it's got the khaki lining. Oh - and I have my ivory Marcelle. And there's just something different about the cognac. Don't get me wrong, I love it. I think. It's real. I know. I guess there's just a wrinkled look that I like on the black ones, and then the cognac has more of a "regular" leather (for lack of a better word). Almost like the lambskin is softer on certain colors. Is that possible? I seem to remember my Toffee and my Moss Marcelles being like this cognac.
    Does anyone have any of these leathers to compare with? Am I crazy? I'm thinking I might need to move on...after all I've been through...ugh. I don't know....
  2. I know exactly what you mean. The Cognac Marcelle had a smoother plainer leather than the slightly wrinkled variety. Kinda like comparing a Cognac Seinna with the Smooth Black Sienna. A whole different animal.

    It's hard with Kooba putting out the same bag season after season in a slightly different leather. You may hate one and love another. But I think the Cognac had a lovely almost golden quality. It was a very special color to me and IMO a very beautiful bag. BUT...if it's not for you, get rid of it and move on. If it bugs you now it'll probably bug you later.
  3. I always think, if a bag doesn't "grab" you and you prefer others that you own, then it's probably worth letting the least favorable one go. Think about it for a while Jchiara, as you know how hard the cognac Marcelle is to find. But if you don't warm to it, remember there are girls who would cherish that bag. I'm sure you wouldn't lose any money on it as it's new.
  4. I'm going to throw my iron in the fire on this one only because the cognac Marcelle is very hard to get. I would keep it and maybe tuck it away for a couple of months....or a season. You could bring her out again and see how you feel. You might like her all over again. I say this because I have a Cole Haan Alexa black doctor's satchel that I fell in love with a few years ago, and so I just had to have it. After I wore it a few times, I thought the leather was rather stiff and almost had the feelling that the bag was just a little "too old-looking for me. I put the bag away for probably 8 months or so, and when I was reorganizing my closet, I rediscovered her and wore her every day for about 2 weeks (which is a record for me). I felt like that bag had new life for some reason. So, I wouldn't give up that Marcelle right now, if I were you because you'll probably regret it in the long run.
  5. Oh no! Isn't that just the worst thing? Personally, I agree with Rose that the cognac Marcelle is such a sought-after classic... it would be a shame to part with her and then realize later that she was indeed "the one". LOL

    However, I felt the exact same way when I received my Gustto Baca, i.e. disappointed in the texture of the leather. I did end up warming up to it, and I carried it for a while. However, as far as being a permanent bag in my collection my initial instinct was right and the Baca might have to go this fall. :sad:

    I say go with your gut. It is funny though, how we all fall in and out of love with our bags so often. We've all been there.
  6. Do you think she'll soften up in time? My black Marcelle and Lucy just plllloooopppp over with softness. The cognac is like "I'm STANDING STRONG!!!!"

    You should have seen me with my kids last night. I'm like "okay, take your hand and smoosh the bottom of of this bag. Now smoosh this one. Which one do you like better?" Then my husband comes through the door, me sitting on the sofa...laptop in my lap, my kids on either side with two Marcelles in their laps...what a scene.:p
  7. I've never had a cognac Kooba bag so I don't know if they soften up.

    But, I say wait a few days, and then go with your gut reaction.
  8. First: Keep that bag! As others have said, it's such a rare gem and so hard to find that you may regret making a snap decision to sell. Give it a little time and see how you feel.

    Yep, they soften, though the cognac seems to be taking longer. I've had mine for around a month or so and carried her a few times and she too is still more stiff than my others. We need input from a long-time cognac Marcelle owner to see how their bag behaved.

    Of all of my Marcelles the Desert mushed out the fastest - just collapses in on itself if empty or lightly loaded. *LOVE* her!
  9. Did that desert just look so dirty and horrid after a few wearings? I want one so bad, but I've heard such stories.....she's a beauty. I love the desert....so different than the other browns!!! :drool:
  10. I have a desert scarlett which has been my 'just nipping out' bag.
    I have used it hardcore after previously being afraid to because of the colour.
    However I have found that the colour looks better with age, and doesnt stain of get dirty like I thought it would.

    There is a desert Marcelle on eBay now too.
  11. Exactly what Halzer said. I agree this color just gets better with age. I've used the heck out of her and taken her just about everywhere and I *love* the softness and the slight patina from use.

    I should add that this is the only Kooba color I feel this strongly about. None of my others, even those currently in heavy rotation, have gotten the use my desert Marcelle has and she's looking fab.:tup:
  12. I have the Cognac Marcelle and it is soft and I love it ... do not get rid of yours, would be my advice, you will regret it! The Cognac Marcelle is a treasure. Very hard to get an authentic one.
  13. Hey Cheekers!!!! We miss you. I really hesitate on saying that the Marcele should be given up on. After your long and exhaustive search for one finally paid off....you wouldn't want to look back with regret because you gave her up in a moment of indecision. Right? The bag is RARE and so hard to find. Give it some time before you make any decisions.
  14. I could kick myself around the block when I think that about 6 months ago, I passed a brand new one up at Off Fifth with a 30% coupon to boot. I probably could have gotten that bag for about $200. :crybaby: They had a pretty green one and the cognac, and it was hard to decide at the time. Now, I know that it will be very hard to buy one from a brick and mortar store, so I think I blew it.
  15. Oh Rose, I feel your pain. :crybaby: