different leather character on the "old" and "new braid chain" coco cabas?

  1. i just saw the "new" braid chain coco cabas with the diamond stitch like the baby cabas one...
    and realized that the leather is pretty much different from my black orginal cabas :confused1:

    my old one is more slouchy and the new one is more stiff and thick.

    anyone can confirmed on this?
  2. What! Stiff and thick? Are we talking about the Cabas that is coming back in the Fall and should be in stores by August?

    I'm waiting for this bag, but I won't get it if its stiff leather. I love slouchy, soft leather.
  3. i mean like the one in this style :

    with the old one which is the top right one :
  4. I thought so too. The "new" larger baby cabas that I saw in black was stiffer than the "old" baby cabas.
  5. yes, the "new" xl coco cabas is much more stiffer, thicker and structured than the "old" coco cabas which is slouchier and more distressed
  6. Oh, thank you! I thought that's what was being said.

    So the new XL Cabas, that is coming in August, is going to be a stiffer leather? That's horrible! When I originally tired the bag LAST September, I thought it was a bit stiff and I didn't buy it then... now the new Cabas is going to be even more stiff? That won't be a nice looking bag.
  7. Actually, it's not as bad as it sounds! I actually liked the more structured look of the "new" cabas...it has a bit of a slouch but still holds it's shape =) I know that the "old" cabas gets pretty slouchy and distressed looking over time. I guess it depends on which look you like and what clothes you're wearing your bag with (casual vs. work clothes).
  8. ^^ In that case, I still may get it. I like a structured bag and I do not care for distressed leather. It reminds me too much of my hippy days when everyone carried cheap, home-made looking, distressed leather.

    I still can't imagine a Cabas that is not very slouchy... It's such a huge bag... won't it awkwardly stick out, when we carry it on our shoulders?
  9. haha...i agree. i actually prefer the new cabas. it doesn't awkwardly stick out, i think it has just the right bit of slouch w/o looking like a saggy garbage bag and the right bit of structured-ness w/o looking like a big box!
  10. ^^ Sounds good! :tup:
  11. i think the baby cabas has different caviar leather character too :p