Different hardware - same strap!

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  1. I purchased a Siena and on the end of the detachable strap, there are two different pieces of hardware. One is more gold, rounded, and engraved more deeply. The other is more yellow, flat, and more plainly engraved. I have an eye for detail - this is so annoying. I honestly am not 100% loving the bag for the price. I will be returning - but noticing this today affirms LV quality has surely taken a turn since I began buying in 2008.
    Strap1.JPG Strap2.JPG
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  2. Photos don’t show what you’re saying...at least not on my phone. If you’re not happy then you should return it.
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  3. Wow!!! I’ve seen a lot of laughable “issues” on this forum. I think this one moved to the number 1 spot. Maybe this one can be number 45 on the reasons for LV return list. I don’t see anything other than lighting and angles that may appear to show a slight difference in color.
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  4. Is it possible this thread is a joke?
  5. They are two different pieces of hardware. I am sorry you can not see the difference.
  6. Look at the circles and the lettering.
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  7. Maybe this is more clear...
    Strap3.JPG Strap4.JPG
  8. I wouldn't return a bag for this reason. I am just not in love with the style. I did note that there were mismatched (one looking older, one newer) pieces of hardware at the end of each strap.
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  9. Yeah, look at them! It’s an absolute quality control nightmare. How would the SA allow this to leave the building!!
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  10. You guys are killing me. :lol:
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  11. To be honest I can see the difference. I say return/exchange. Is no one else but the OP and me seeing this?? Not saying the bag is gonna fall apart, but the difference is obvious and bizarre.
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  12. I see it also.
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  13. Hi! I have seen the same problem with speedy b25 mono and Montaigne mm.
    Both bags were made in the USA. Hardware was different just like in your pictures. I returned speedy and exanged the strap of my Montaigne. Two pieces of hardware are different! I agree with you. And they attached to the same strap. It is not a joke! They are different!
  14. I see the difference too with the engraving. Color not so much but that's most likely just because it's a photo.
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  15. Now I’m gonna have to go into my room and inspect all of my pieces and check the hardware for such glaring mismatches, thanks guys!!
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