Different Handle on Carly Pouch ?

  1. I ordered the Carly Signature Pouch after seeing it online and the store closest to me was out of them. I ordered the Signature and Saddle combo. When it arrived - it came with a very different handle then what is currently shown online and what I thought I had seen in the store- it is a plain straight leather strap. When I called customer service they said what is pictured online is not correct ( signature will have plain strap and leather pouch will have what is shown online) and that the handle on the bag I received is correct ??? I am pretty disappointed:sad: because I really like the pouch with the strap as shown online. Anyone else have this issue or get a Carly signature pouch with the strap as shown online ????
    Thanks in advance for the help :smile:
  2. really? just plain leather strap? that sucks! i hate when what they have online isn't the final version of the bag...
  3. IT is such a cute bag for going out- but the handle thing just kind of irks me. I am tempted to return it and get the small parchment pouch because the leather ones have the other handle- but I REALLY like the signature. Grr.
  4. I think maybe sometimes the pictures online are just the prototypes? I know some other designers do that. Sorry that the strap disappointed you.