Different gold toned hardware colors for Lady Dior? I'm confused...

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  1. Hi Lady Dior lovers :smile:

    For quite some time I was not impressed by the Lady Dior - but all of a sudden I cannot get this bag out of my head - I'm in love and I'm ready to buy my first Lady Dior. I'm so excited. I will go for the medium size in black lambskin with gold toned hardware...and here starts my confusion:
    The friendly sales assistance in the Dior boutique told me that the black Lady Dior comes with yellow gold toned hardware or silver toned hardware.
    A few days later I checked www.dior.com and noticed that Dior sells the Lady Dior with silver toned hardware and LIGHT-GOLD toned hardware (they call it 'light-golden jewelry' on their website). I contacted Dior online and they told me: It's a mistake on their website - the black lambskin Lady Dior comes only with yellow gold toned hardware. The lady apologized for that mistake on the website on behalf of Dior.
    No matter if I check the US Dior site or the German Dior site, it says 'pale (=light)'-golden jewelry for the black Lady Dior. Is the light-golden hardware online exclusive and they don't sell it in the Dior boutiques?
    Additionally I read about champagne-gold toned hardware. Is this hardware discontinued? Or is it comparable with light-golden toned hardware? Or is it the same as light-golden hardware? Or was it part of a limited edition series?
    I'm totally confused!
    I'm very much into the pale golden hardware in combination with the black lambskin. But Dior is trying to tell me that the bag I would like to buy doesn't exist...?!
    Can any of you who is familiar with the hardware colors of the Lady Dior enlighten me, please?
    Thank you so much in advance.
  2. #2 Jun 16, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2016
    It does come with three types of hardware

    Light gold/champagne gold - just like the hardware on the Diorama, because AFAIK, the Diorama doesn't come in the classic 'real' gold hardware like the Lady Dior

    This is the pic of the light golden Diorama hardware. Hope this helps?

  3. I purchased my First Lady Dior this past February and I chose the Medium in Black Lambskin with Gold hardware. It's more of a yellow- toned gold, but it is gorgeous and very classy. I purchased mine over the phone from a boutique with a trusted SA. She didn't ask which Gold, I merely specified black lamb with gold hardware. My large Promenade ( purchased in March) came with pale gold hardware, and while it's gold, I much prefer the more yellow gold on a black LD- it's so classic and beyond beautiful. The LD is an amazing bag! I adore it. It's the perfect size and can be dressed up or down. It's chic, elegant and sophisticated. I will never tire of this bag! I'm so glad I have it in my collection. I hope you decide to get this beauty too.
  4. Hi there,
    thanks for the picture. The pale gold hardware of the Diorama looks exactly like the (pale gold) hardware of the Lady Dior online.
    I assume some of the sales assistances don't even know that the Lady Dior comes with yellow gold and light gold hardware. That's pretty shocking to me. Obviously it's not a mistake on the Dior site. I'm leaning towards online purchase vs. in the Boutique for my first Lady Dior.
  5. Hi,
    I'm sure I'll adore my Lady Dior as much as you do. :smile: I can't wait to add this masterpiece of bag to my bag collection. I will go with the medium size, black lambskin, as well. I prefer the light gold hardware for my first Dior bag (usually I'm a silver type of girl, but (light) gold in combination with the smooth black lambskin looks more stunning/precious to me).
    It's just pretty confusing, almost frustrating, when someone from Dior tells you: the bag we sell online does not exist. I'm glad light gold hardware actually exists and I will purchase my Lady D. as soon as possible (in a few weeks time from now). Hopefully there's no price increase in the meantime. :doh:
  6. You can also contact Dior Customer Service via e-mail on this. I actually don't find it credible Dior would have faulty info on their website. They should be able to tell you in which hardwares it comes in and they can also locate the bag for you and transfer it to your local Dior boutique. Good luck!
  7. Hi Angelian - thanks for your reply. I love your avatar, btw.

    I was contacting Dior customer service online today (via Chat messages) and wanted to know from Dior if pale gold and champagne gold are the same type of hardware colors. The answer was: pale gold hardware (as stated on the Dior site) does not exist and she will forward this concern to the right department as it is a mistake on their website. I checked www.dior.com - it still says 'light gold colored hardware'. Strange customer service. :eek:
    Next time I'll ask you, the PF members, right away, since you are more knowledgeable than anyone else. :biggrin:
    Thank you so much to all of you!
  8. I totally forgot I have the pics of the Lady Dior with light gold hardware! These pics are from my SA here in Lisbon. The metallic degradé Lady Dior is from the Fall 2016 collection, but they also have the all champagne/gold metallic from the Cruise 2016 collection... I believe they are highly sought after? But my heart is set on the silver Diorama, which hasn't arrived at my local store here :sad:

    If you want her contacts I can give it to you, since you live in Germany, no tax upon arrival! Yay! Or you can ask your SA to locate one for you...

    IMG-20160608-WA0009.jpg IMG-20160608-WA0010.jpg
  9. Thanks so much for the pictures, Karinism! The bag is adorable. :smile:
    I guess I will order my first Lady Dior online (black lambskin with pale gold hardware). Do you think the picture of the black lambskin LD with cannage pattern (www.dior.com) is actually the one with pale gold hardware? The hardware online looks pale/light golden, but still do I find the customer service's comment that it is a mistake on their site, quite confusing...
    Am I allowed to add a picture from www.dior.com?
  10. I think it's better to come to the store, because the website says just 'gold' not light gold or champagne gold. It would be disappointing to open the box at home only to find you have the classic yellow gold hardware. Plus you have to deal with the returns after. I also want to mention that I have never seen the classic lambskin Lady Dior in light gold hardware at the store, but Dior in Lisbon is small and doesn't have many items.

    I also remember watching a YouTube video about Lady Dior and she mentions that the bag comes in 3 types of hardware. She lives in the UK and they sure have better stock over there (and possibly a more knowledgeable SAs)

    Jump to 1:50 mark (where she talks about the hardware)

  11. Thanks for the reply. On the (US) Dior site it says 'light gold-tone' jewelry. I guess that's the one I'm interested in. I can't wait to have my LD!
  12. I am sorry to share with you that It is true that Lady Dior does come in light gold tone /champangne gold hardware, but NOT for the classic black, only for seasonal colours. I myself have been looking for one with the lighter gold for ages as I find the yellow gold less versatile. So far it never existed. I once purchased a very dark blue that looks like black from a distance hoping that it can be passed off as a black but it's still a blue. I ended up selling it.
  13. Yes, for the classic black, it comes only in the very yellow gold hardware. The Paris, London and Singapore SAs confirmed this when I asked them in April this year.
    Only seasonal black bags come with the pale gold.

    All other bag colours come with the pale gold, which some SAs call champagne gold.
  14. I'm sorry that the dark blue Lady Dior didn't work out for you. But I know where you're coming from. Black is black and blue is blue.

    I'm still undecided what to do. Intense yellow gold is not the right hardware color for me. I like the black Lady Dior with silver hardware but my Chanel flaps have silver hardware. Champagne gold hardware for my first Dior bag would have been a nice change.
  15. Thanks for the helpful information, carebearz.
    I'm just wondering why Dior doesn't care to correct their information in the description of the black lambskin Lady Dior... 'Light gold' is not the same hardware color as yellow gold, as far as I'm concerned.