Different eBay and PayPal Accounts? Buyer Problem!

  1. I woke up this morning to find a bag of mine had sold and the buyer had sent an e-mail saying she was having problems with PP in making payment and would try again in the morning. When I saw this I went into eBay to send an invoice and the invoice gave a completely different name, address and city than the original eBay notification upon sale so I messaged the buyer to ask which is correct.

    The buyer responds this morning that the bag is really her friend's purchase - a friend who doesn't have an eBay account but does have a PP account and that her friend told her she made payment and it went through. However, I have NO payment to my PP account by anyone and no notification from PP of any payment. This second person would have to have my e-mail address to send me payment via PP, which could have been provided by the ebay account holder. Also, my listing was clear on the shipping options and it was evident in buyer no. 1's e-mail that they had it ass-backwards.

    Either way, I just don't like it. I would have appreciated being asked up front to avoid confusion, PLUS what protection is there if the payment is made OUTSIDE of the ebay auction? I emailed the buyer (ebay account holder) and said as much and that I may have to cancel the transaction and that her 'friend' needs to just set up an ebay account.

    Am I out of line here? I don't necessarily think it's a scam as the buyer/ebay account holder has 300+ at 100%. It may just be they are helping out a friend. But I really am irritated by the lack of consideration.

    What would you do? :confused1:

  2. Oh great - I just noticed that the ebay account holder has left feedback for others that states "fast international shipping" when in fact NEITHER of the addresses I've seen related to this are outside the U.S. and the last message she sent had headers in French.

    What is going on???
  3. I think she is full of BS because if her friend did in fact made the payment you would see the transaction on your paypal. BTW I don't think there's a problem is the payment is made from other person other than the Ebay holder as long as their address is confirm with PayPal.

    for example I always buy thing for my mom with my ebay account. she's in PR and have her own PayPal, so when I receive the invoice I just click pay now and instead of signing in my account I do on hers. No problems so far. Even if the buyer send you payment straight from PayPal and not thru ebay, there's an option to indicate that the payment is for an Ebay transaction and you include the listing# and ID.

    So, about internatinal feedback maybe she bought the items from outside of US
  4. Well don't I feel like a weenie! Eight years of ebaying and I had no idea you could do so. I don't think anyone has ever approached me to do so nor has it just happened that way. Thanks for that info. I truly appreciate it.

    In the end the original buyer ended up paying (confirmed addy) so I don't even know if her friend's account was verified and confirmed. And the supposed payment by the friend never showed up.

    I suppose there is a reason she has feedback indicating she had items sent to her at a location outside the U.S. when in fact her confirmed addy is in the U.S. Could have moved or is a student, etc. Who knows. As long as her account is verified/addy confirmed and she has good feedback I'm okay with it. But man, finding all that confusing madness upon waking threw me for a loop.
  5. could be the friend sent payment but if the address was not confirmed then would it be rejected without you knowing?
  6. And no worries if it was outside of ebay anyway, Paypal is used for many types of transactions not just ebay they will still cover you.