Different designs of shopping bags?

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  1. Sorta a weird random thought train I was having. I ADORED all of the different Poppy shopping bags, which was my first experience with the "special" Coach shopping bags. I was pretty bummed when my boutique went back to the striped ones. Then tonight they whipped out another new style of bag with a Sophia on it with the shopping bag handles looking like they come right outta the Sophia's handles! :nuts:

    I'm sure there have been more of these "special" shopping bags. Anybody care to share what they've seen - or better yet, post PICS of them? :yahoo:

    Maybe it's dorky, but it's so the icing on the cake for any purchase of significance. I HATE leaving Macy's with brand new handbag I just spend several hundred bucks on in a PLASTIC shopping bag. :pout:
  2. It's not the shopping bag, it's what is in the bag that counts. If someone wanted to give me a tennis bracelot wrapped in newspaper that would be fine with me. I do hate the new shopping bags though. I miss the legacy stripe ones.
  3. I love to get cute shopping bags with purchases.
  4. I don't have a preference on shopping bags but I will admit I was a little sad when I bought my Hampton XL Hobo and they just slid her into her dust bag and then into a large legacy striped shopping bag and then I see other ladies whose bags were wrapped up in tissue and placed in nice Coach boxes with a ribbon. The presentation feels more like a present and special then just slid in the dust bag. KWIM?
  5. I am usually in my store for a while, so I see the shopping bags that people are getting. If I see one that I like, I ask for it and usually end up with two .. LOL! :smile:
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Yeah, about dustbagging and sliding into a bag, I do not care for that. I really thought the legacy striped ones were cool to carry around the mall. Those and the white ones with the red lozenge all over them.
    These new ones I have been seeing with Sophias printed on them are pretty cool too...they always trick me at first during reveals! LOL!
  8. ^^Forgot that I just got the Pink bag when I bought my Sophia!I had been wanting this shopping bag.But now that the Sophia shopping bags are out, I want 1 of them,lol.I do love the outter bags, but it's what is inside that counts for me!!!!:biggrin:
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    just remember that you can always ask for your items to be gift-wrapped/ boxed. most sa's will ask you if it's a gift so that they can notate it on the receipt, plus give you a gift receipt. it really *DOES* help if you know the manager(s)/ sa('s)! one time, i actually was offered (and of course, happily accepted) a coach garment bag when i had come straight from a department store with the clothes i had just purchased, with the store's normal plastic garment bag covering them! i have really great sa's and managers who, yes, know me and are always *SO* sweet and helpful! you usually just have to ask for a box if you want it and again, being nice and friendly *ALWAYS* is a plus ~ they're nice and more willing to help if you're nice, too! :biggrin:
  10. My Kristin came home in the new bag w/ Sophia on it :hrmm: I was looking forward to getting the large striped bag but, but oh well. I won't be carrying the SHOPPING bag around, it's what's INSIDE the bag that matters- LOL
  11. I love a good shopping bag. My boutique always gives me my items in the Legacy Stripe shopping bag. Not that I buy from FP very often, but when DH bought me a bag at this same boutique a few years ago it was packed in the same Legacy Stripe shopping bag. I don't mind because I LOVE this shopping bag! OTOH, the special edition shopping bags have a "collect 'em all!" vibe that I really like, too.
  12. I would usually just ask the SA to put everything in the biggest bag I just bought. Saves me on bringing home paper. Coach should just give away a shopping tote for shoppers to help save the environment. These re-usable totes can be used over and over again.
  13. I admit, I love the shopping bags Coach uses. But I REALLY love the striped legacy bags the most. Dunno why but I feel like I got an even better bag when it's packaged in one of those striped bags! Silly, I guess!:weird:
  14. Don't get me wrong, y'all. I'm not saying that the shopping bag is a bigger deal than the goodies inside it. The different ones are just so gosh darn FUN! :P

    That's EXACTLY how I feel! I got one of each size of the recent Poppy ones. I was sorta hoping the sophia ones would come in different sizes/designs, too. They're fun to have in my closet. :yahoo:

    I'm really not a fan of the striped bags. I like the heavier/thicker ones better. They kinda remind me of the outlet ones that ALWAYS seem to end up tearing on me!