Different country - different bags?

  1. I'm on this forum for months and bought my bags on internet. In my village there is no departement stores.I had the opportunity to go to Paris two months ago and so i bought for the first time a bag in a chanel boutique.

    WHAT A DECEPTION !!!! :tdown:

    I had dreamt of these beautiful bags you showed ( especially the great pics of Chanelboy). I already had a list in my mind and when i arrived in the boutique only 2 paris-Biarritz, 3 cambon and some classic flaps. :confused1:. no diagonal CC, no luxury bowler, no timeless clutches.:crybaby:

    So i finally asked myself: Are the bags in the US different from those sold in france? And from other countries? It seems a bit silly but i don't have any other explanation.
  2. Yes, I know they do offer some bags in some locations that they do not offer worldwide...like that Union Jack bag...that was sooo hot!!