Different colours of the cognac

  1. Hi,

    I'm drooling over a cognac spy (among other things), but am i right in my thinking that the cognac colours are different from each other? Just slightly.. but I thought the one I looked at was more brown that the other ones I've seen..

    Any pics?

  2. Hi,

    To my knowledge, there is only 1 color Cognac made in the SPY bag. I happen to own a Cognac color SPY and it is my absolute favorite!!

    There are 3 variations of brown the Spy comes in which are Honey/Tan (light brown), Cognac, and Chocolate (a darker brown). If there happen to be anymore that I am unaware of, I'm sure someone will let us know!

    Hope this helps! :wlae:
  3. Oh, I almost forgot....there is another rare color that is called "Cherry" and I guess it is sort of in the brown family!

    Look on the "celebs with Fendi's" thread, and you will see Victoria Beckham with a Cherry color spy. It is really stunning! :love:

    Best regards!
  4. Hi and welcome, no the Cherry is not brown at all, it is the colour of a Cherry see my aviator or see my thread "want to see my spys". The Cherry is the most beautiful bag.
  5. Well, if you come across one of the first-season Cognac Spies from 2005, they are a bit lighter in color than the current Cognac Spies. The leather on the first season Spies was smoother, lighter in weight, and less textured than the current "turtle-y" or "bubbly" leather Spies, and the color was lighter too.

    Here's my first-season Spy:

  6. Cognac photographs different with and without flash. Maybe that's what got you confused. Here are two pics of the same color (cognac) bag with and without flash (note that the actual color is somewhat in the middle). I hope this info helps.

    With flash:


    Without flash:

    Cognac SPY.jpg PICT5272.jpg
  7. SO beautiful!:love: thanks for sharing your pictures :biggrin:
  8. Eeeek!! I might just be having second thoughts about my Cognac ( for chocolate)........ :drool:
  9. Cognac is only one colour you may have been mistaken with the Chocolate colour which is way darker
  10. I think you should!:graucho:
  11. I have the choco and the Honey. This picture showing them together is a good indication of how different the colours are next to each other :smile: