Different colour, different price?

  1. I got a red lambskin baguette (e/w) for £880 in May.....but I have seen different prices quoted for black, beige etc on tpf since then..

    So are more "colourful" colours more expensive?
  2. No, price was the same, the bag in the lambskin would have been more expensive than the caviar? I was in Harrods a couple of weeks ago and the blue fonce lambskin was also 880 pounds.

    Red is v v covetable, so you did fabby to get it when you did :smile:
  3. thanks chloe-babe
  4. I know that the color of the hardware makes a difference in price, silver hardware on a GST is $2050 CAD but gold is somewhere in the $1800's
  5. thats odd. when i went to get my chanel my sa said that there is no price diffence for hardwear ie silve/gold.
  6. That's strange. It could be due to different locations. I know that the prices some people have posted from the mainland US are different than prices here in Hawaii (only slightly). Also, the exchange rates make a difference too...

    That's what I always thought. I was always told by SA's there was no price difference (Since it's not like it's made of REAL silver and gold).