Different color vachetta

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  1. Hi I need some help-has anyone purchased a brand new LV and noticed there is a slight different in the vachetta colors on the handbag? For example one handle on the speedy might be a little lighter than the other handle on the speedy-but very slight difference. I would appreciate your input. :smile:
  2. One has more of a patina. That's all. It's natural. Especially since its an untreated natural product :smile:
  3. It happened to me when I bought my Totally MM. One handle has slightly darker vachetta than the other. It has been more than a year now and one handle is still darker than the other. I should have gone back to the store and exchange for another one but I thought the patina will even out eventually. Seems like it has not :sad:
  4. Thank you lvaddict89 and Adlyn for your reply. The difference is color is extremely extremely slight. I'm afraid if I go back and get another bag then there will be another problem with that bag. I have come to the conclusion that I can't expect it to be perfect. The vachetta has wrinkles too. Oh well! I'll just enjoy the bag and stop thinking about it :yahoo:
  5. Just make sure you rotate both sides when you wear it so that they get expose to the sun equally :biggrin:
  6. Yes different patina can happen if the store has ever put that bag on display because certain sides could have gotten exposed to more light
  7. I will do what Adlyn said and make sure I rotate t in the sun :P
  8. I know this is an old thread but hopefully someone will see it...

    I've had my speedy for over a year, and my handles have evolved their separate ways: one is a nice light bronze colour, while the other one is this horrible grey-ish colour with a few lighter streaks across. This is strange because the tabs that attach the handles to the bag are the same colour on both sides.

    Has anyone had this issue?
    Do you know if LV would do anything about it although it has been over a year?
  9. It depends, I'd take it in. The 1 year isn't set in stone and they do have flexibility to exchange or repair for free still.
  10. Thank you!
    I'll try to take it to the store and see what they say...:smile: