Different color stripe?

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  1. Did Gucci ever come out with any bags with a stripe other than green/red? I saw a Gucci tan canvas hobo with a blue and white stripe...
  2. Yes, they do come out with different colored/seasonal webbing at times. Do you have a pic of the bag?
  3. YEp.. they have gold/pink strap on some of the messenger bag.. and one season. they have red/white too.. so depend on season and style... but the red/green is the signature gucci web color!
  4. I agree they did, but I would love to see a pic OP.
  5. shoplindasstuff.com/pics/2009-05-22/508.JPG
    The seller says it is the Tan Canvas Pelham Hobo...
  6. I have never seen that bag before. For sure have it authenticated I could be wrong.