different cerises print on every style?

  1. do anyone realized than the all the multiple cerises have different print in every style?
    the speedy, bucket and sac plat all have different cerises placement on the monogram LV.
    [​IMG] the bucket
    [​IMG] the speedy
    [​IMG] the sac plat, with two cerises tangled
    [​IMG] cles, took over the bucket print
    [​IMG] zipped wallet, took over the bucket print
    [​IMG] the agenda, took over the speedy print
  2. i don't get it. what do you mean?
  3. hmm... that's interesting. I wonder why there are two different styles? Maybe to trick counterfeiters?
  4. On the bucket, the surprise cherry is under the LV, and on the speedy, the happy cherry is under the LV. It's like they're switched.
  5. Oh wow, I never noticed that before. It's quite a neat trick that LV thought about. I think it's meant to trick the counterfeiters!:flowers:
  6. i never realized the differences too because i only have a cerises speedy, then i saw my sis' cerises bucket and first i though that she bought a fale and i do research on ebay about the bucket sold by trusted seller, and they are DIFFERENT from the speedy.
  7. I am madly in love with the two tangled cerises... :heart: :heart: :heart:.
  8. me too jm311, i wish it's not sac plat though... the style is too sturdy for me :P
  9. Yup..the only thing you can be sure of is that with the multiple cherries, they won't ever be directly over the LV. A lot of the fakes have the entire cherry over the LV symbols.
  10. and i've spotted fake cerises speedy using the cerises line from the bucket print. that's why i always thought the cerises print line in the BUCKET was fake.
  11. im not a cerise fan..but im stil trying to distinguish the happy from the surprise cherry
  12. The suprised cherry has an "o" shaped mouth, and the happy cherry has more of a smily mouth. Hope that makes sense!
  13. Ooooh, I never noticed it!
  14. Me neither....learned something new today!!
  15. It worked, because even the better fakes have the patterns switched. :smile:
    I keep that high replica place bookmarked for reference & they even have the new Lockits copied....you can still tell they're fake, thank goodness.