different catalog on Japan site: pond? patent ergo!

  1. Cuuuuute! Now I have nothing that matches this color BUT if they did this patent in a PINK...OMG!!!!
  2. You and me both! I've been having dreams of a pink patent ergo:love: I wonder if the Japan sight has pink also?
  3. I love it !!! I want it !!! :yes:
  4. i looked at the catalog and they have a few different things. like a smaller looking heritage stripe satchel. i think i might have to have it. =]

    thanks for the link.
  5. Why are there different products in Japan?...and how can we get them?
  6. I would LOVE a MEDIUM patent ergo in the chocolate brown! I know they had it in large, but I need the medium size!!!!!
  7. Very cute!!!!
  8. I know its crazy, but I called and we are getting it in January- I ordered it $348, hobo style through Jax!!!:yahoo: I forgot the style number but they do have it! Thanks for the head's up...
  9. that patent ergo is awesome!
  10. But why does Japan have different bags...will they release them here too?
  11. Some they do and some they don't. Japan is a very strong Coach market but they have different tastes. They almost always have a lot of pink because Japanese women tend to love pink (maybe that's why I like studying Japanese culture). Even if they aren't released here, some products can be ordered through JAX. That's how myself and two other ladies on here ended up with our limited edition scarf hippies. Never hurts to try!
  12. what do you think the size is of the tote?
  13. Wow... I love it!!
  14. What is JAX? Is it a department store?