Different between the 10188 and 9247

  1. Both are small soho flaps but i do not see a difference. Is there one? The only one i see is that the 10188 looks a bit more boxy then again its new in the picture and the white is slighly used.. (they were the best pictures i could find)

    the black one is the 10188 and the white ia the 9247

    10188.jpg 9247.jpg
  2. I have the 9247 in Black. Not sure what the differerence is. It looks just like the 10188 on the outside, what does the inside look like
  3. I think it is just the color, unless there is python on the second one's flap....
  4. Both are made for outlet bags and 10188 is the newer version of 9247. 10188 is a little more updated i.e. the buckle holes are oval and the metal part around the holes is thicker. Also, the stitching is just a bit different. For the most part, they are the same bag but if you put these bags in the same color side by side you'd see the slight differences.
  5. I borrowed these photos from eBay sellers (names of sellers are on the photos).


  6. oh wow thanks so much for the responese and close up pictures i see the difference now but its very minor. the 10188 looks more busy looking with all that stitching. the price difference is like 80 VS 130 on eBay even though the 10188 recently came out.

    a quick question on white leather.. will clothes faberics rub off on it? i was thinking of getting this purse in white but i wear alot of black. any opinions on white coach leather?
  7. I have the 10188! My white purse has never had anything rub off on it, either.
  8. After staring at the 2 models i think i prefer the 10188. I like the oval holes better then the circle. Looks more stylish. My goal will be a dark brown one!