different between 11743 and 11285 ergo tote

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  1. anyone know that ? pls help !!! thank you very much...
  2. Are you sure you have your numbers correct? Here are what those bags are.
    This picture is 11743 and 11285 is an Ergo tote.
  3. 11285


    Sorry cant seem to find the other but still looking
  4. wait, may be is 10743

    both are leather ergo tote with legacy lining

  5. ooops , sorry ! is 10743 :Push: not 11743
  6. Now, the difference between those two? That is a good question. They look to be the same size. Maybe it is a different leather for a different year or something.........just a guess. Hopefully an expert will chime in.
  7. Here are the pics from the drilldown:
    First 10743
    Then 11285

    They definately look like different bags just from the pics. There are subtle differences. Without the measurements it's hard to tell which one is bigger or smaller, though.

  8. I would call and ask. They can usually give you the dimensions and description. You cannot tell anything from the pics regarding measurements. It depends on the particular image and how it was edited and uploaded... although it looks like one is bigger, it may not be IRL.
  9. Didn't they release the following year's medium ergos with slightly longer straps? Maybe that is the difference... :shrugs:
  10. ^ I think that's correct. I had wondered that also, and just acquired one from the prior year. In comparison to the current version, the drop length is slightly longer - but not more than one inch. They're pretty much the same. :shrugs: