Different Bags For Different Seasons !

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  1. #1 Apr 11, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2016
    It dawned on me, when I posted in the 'Workhorse Bag' thread that I choose very differently for the various seasons.

    Possibly because the UK has quite a lot of low cloud, a lot of the time, and this makes me steer away from bright 'summery' coloured bags in those times and choose subdued colours instead.

    So with this in mind, do you prefer to choose different coloured bags in the different seasons ?

    In the summer season I would choose my Balle de Golfs, my Passe Guide (rain reasons here, not colour), my Garonne, and Vespa as they're the colours that are so much lighter and, they match and tone with summery coloured clothes.

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  2. All my H are more year round. Big black bags seem 'heavy' in the Summer to me but 4 of mine are smaller, more evening/occasion only anyway so I guess that's different.

    I have to disagree on bright bags. One of my favourite outerwear looks for Winter is a sharp tailored cashmere Crombie and Bambou bag. I think crisp city outfits can look fantastic with strong contrasting colours, jewel hues and ink tones in all weathers. When I'm in the country I use BV hobos or Holland and Holland anyway so I don't even think about it :biggrin:
  3. I reverse my DS according to season-- orange for the warmer months (spring/summer) and brown for the cooler (fall/winter)

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460373788.843266.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460374036.973747.jpg
  4. Most of my bags in general are black. I've only started branching out into (neutral) colors very recently and even mentioned to my H SA that I am not interested in black bags.

    So... for right now, all of my bags are year round and I imagine it will be the same with future H bags! I can't see myself spending upwards of 10k on a one season bag.
  5. I tend to carry my orange birkin more during the summer primarily since I wear a lot of black during the winter.
    Otherwise I carry the rest of my bags pretty much year round.
  6. I do like to wear brown, barenia, potiron and orange doblis during the Fall. The white and toile is strictly for summer as are most of my toile bags. The toile/ brown or toile/ red amd toile/barenia move into early Fall. . I also rarely seem to wear a black bag in summer as it is hot here and I feel the look is too heavy. Red or blues or greens work all year around IMO.
  7. I actually quite the opposite
    I dont restrict myself to particular season
    I wear and use according to my mood and suit my ootd
    Whichever makes me happier haha
  8. as h does color so well, i think there isnt much "seasonal color" per se
    i think its really in the eyes of the beholder

    that said, my work horses are in gold, red and white...
    malachite i do whip out whenever
    also bleu de galice, cleu electique etc
  9. uh.. while not all my bags are H.. i cycle the use of my bags at least weekly "to be fair" ...plus i live in LA California so seasons are not really seasons...
  10. That's it ......the right word - that is exactly how I feel about using my darker ones in the brighter months.
    The reverse being true for the 'coloured' bags I have.
    My feelings are that they feel 'lighter' and so a better match to summery coloured clothes and higher light levels !

    (British people really do always talk about the weather because it's so changeable - it can start out beautiful and give it 10 minutes and it's changed back to a grey rainy day again ;) :P )
  11. My H bags are so eclectic that I choose depending on what I am wearing. I don't own a black bag yet. My bags do work all year, even though I prefer to carry the toile and box plume during spring/summer to late fall and avoid carrying in the rain. Indigo, rouge vif, Barenia, rouge H and etoupe go all season.:balloon:
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