Different bags for different functions/situations!?

  1. Just interested to hear from those with several Mulberries - when do you choose to use each bag? ie are there a couple you only use for summer- or is one a work bag for example??How do you choose which one to wear?

    For me
    Black/ Choco Antony bags - shopping/trips out without kids.
    Bayswater- work/ everyday bag
    Oak Annie - casual spring/summer bag.
  2. I'm a bag swapper par excellence - can use two in one day sometimes.
    I have some that are def work only or summer only but most come out regularly.
    Black Alana - work meetings/everyday.
    Choc Soho - as above but when I'm wearing brown.
    Pink Martha - proving to be my shopping trip bag.
    Olive Phoebe - everyday but not as often as straps make it a bit uncomfy.
    Tangerine Araline - def summer.
    Pink Hanover - mainly summer/work meetings/def holidays. Love this one so much I'm determined to find a way to carry her v soon.
    Black Helier - use this one more as an evening bag.
  3. Absolutely,I rotate them about as needs and requirements change.
    If Sophies with me I'll use the Elgin as its like a bin bag in capacity.
    if I'm out on my own,depending what colors I'm wearing I'll now pick between the Roxy or the Annie.
    If I'm feeling a bit more trendy,or wearing quite funky stuff I'll go with the Roxy,I feel shes a bit of a rock chick.
    If I'm feeling more ladylike I'll use the Annie,as she's a bit more refined somehow.

    Isn't it a bit odd how your bags can almost take on a 'personality?' almost as an extension of your own.
  4. I like this thread its really interesting to see how we all see our bags,

    See I will use my Annie for casual , jeans and can`t be bothered days (like all the while!!!)

    My Mabel is my about town bag - city , shopping Etc.......

    Pink Hanover is going to be my spring summer bag - lots of white linen and summery clothes !!!

    Could do with another actually for the summer ( can`t be bothered days!!!)
  5. I use my bayswaters as work bags - black for more formal events and tooled for casual meets. And my small somerset shoulder is my everyday bag for running errands etc. I don't own any mulberry evening bags, for more formal dinners or going out i tend to reach for LV or chanel.

  6. Araline! Perfect for when you just want to sling on some casual clothes and go...
  7. I tend to use my Ayler as an overnight bag or shopping bag - but only use it when I expect to carry load of stuff and usually only in spring and summer because of the light colours...
    The Bayswater, Roxanne and Rosemary I use as everyday bags.
    Elgin I use as an everyday bag and occasionally also as my schoolbag.
  8. Great thanks - one for May maybe ??
    Are they very expensive ?

  9. No, they're great value. Shepton has them for £147. Soft nappa better than washed as it's more durable. Took Hanover for a spin today and it absolutely chucked it down. There I was trying to stuff her under my jumper to keep her dry!!
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Thats so funny !!

    Did you spray yours ??

    I did mine and I`m sure its gone a very very slightly different shade of pink maybe??
  11. Hahahahaa!!! Thats just so funny!!:roflmfao:
  12. Does it look as though its gone a shade darker??
  13. I haven't sprayed it yet but I'm going to. I wouldn't be surprised if the Collonil does make it go a little darker although it shouldn't do as it's only coating it. Will go off and spray and report back....
  14. Yep - even maybe a slightly Purple Hue to it

    Maybe I put too much on - Whoops !!!
  15. Mmm,just asking as I think my Elgin went a shade darker,but rather that than a rain ruined bag.I put LOADS on too,but,they do go darker over time,just with less risk of irreversible damage tho,so I can happily live with that.Plus I don't have to be too precious about it when it rains.