Different b-bags on Bluefly?

  1. Ok, please take a look at these ladies, I think there are different bags on Bluefly. Does this one look fake?


    This one looks fake to me, but it looks different from the bag above.


    This one looks really fake to me.


  2. wow.. i like the blue one! and its so cheap too.
  3. do you have it in your shopping bag? can you let me have it if you decide not to get it?
  4. they're all very fake :sad:
  5. they all look fake
  6. Those are all from this morning. Don't buy 'em!:amazed:
  7. Oh my gawd.. for real? eeeeewwww

    I can't tell at all..
  8. OMG, what's going on? I thought they're legit!
  9. I can't tell either - at least as far as the blue one is concerned, I'm blinded. :shame: I just talked to Bluefly and the rep. pointed out that it doesn't come with authenticity cards.
  10. If you look at the bale in the pictures on bluefly you can tell tehy are fake.:suspiciou
  11. Nothing Balenciaga is available now. I wonder if they're unscrewing this whole situation now. I certainly would like an explanation from them.
  12. There is only about 15 million threads on Bluefly in the balenciaga forum right now on this junk. Take a look. Its rediculous!