Different asher sizes?

  1. Hi everyone,

    How many sizes does the Asher come in? Is what they call the Asher different from the Asher grande? I passed up on the Asher grande a while ago bc it looked huge on me but I'm seeing people with the Asher and it doesn't look that big on them (and definitely not carrying the mini).

  2. The Asher came in 3 sizes and now is down to two- the Asher and the Mini Asher. The Mini is about the size of a Rebecca Minkoff MAM, about 12.5x8. The regular Asher is about the size of a Balenciaga City- 15x9. The Asher Grande, which is no longer being produced, was very large and about the size of a Balenciaga Work (though it looks heavier, because of the chunky handles and hardware!), 18x11.5. I have both the regular size and the Grande- I love big bags, so I carry the Grande fairly regularly, but the regular size is a perfect everyday bag size for most people who don't have to lug around, as Dave Barry says, enough supplies to set up a comfortable frontier homestead. Hope this helps:smile:.
  3. Thanks for the info! I like big bags too but the Asher grande was too structured..made it look even bigger! Id like to buy a regular asher now but looks like I might have to go on eBay or something bc they don't make the braided handles anymore right? I think it looks better with the braided handles..
  4. You and me both, sister! :biggrin: eBay or Bonanza are actually good bets right now because Treesje resales are so rough for sellers right now- in the last month, I've bought two preowned Ashers (with the lovely braided handles!) for under $100, so if you're even a little bit vigilant, you should be able to snap one up at a great price sometime soon! ;)
  5. Under 100?? Wow you're good! I'm going to have to look more seriously! Thanks!

  6. Its so sad..I actually sold off a LV to buy the AA Exclusive Violet Magnolia for $595 :sad:
  7. Oh no!! :sad:
  8. But it's still a gorgeous bag with beautiful leather and detailing. The resale value sucks but if you love it, it was worth every penny.
  9. Totally agree^^

    I love to get a good deal, of course, but more than that I LOVE the two bags- if you love your bag, it's absolutely worthwhile and resale value variations don't matter. I also totally believe the resale market can be kind of cyclical- I bet next time Treesje gets a popularity boost (new 'it' bag, some celebrity fan, something), the resale value will start coming back up again. So get 'em while they're hot, ladies! :graucho: