Differenece between Roxanne 08 season and present

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  1. Hi, Please excuse my ignorance. Im trying to buy my wife a bag for her birthday. Everytime we go into the outlet she looks for a roxanne in black or brown.

    Ive found one in natural leather but the lady on the phone said it was past season (08).

    Could someone please be kind enough to tell me the difference, as it would be a bit pointless if its not what she want.

  2. Just called the sotre again, and "there is quite a difference, the older ones only had 1 strap over the top, the new ones have 3". Could anyone link a photo of one with 1 strap please.
  3. I am no expert but the description does not really make any sense to me. All Roxanne's have 3 'buckle' straps which go over the top of the bag to close it. The bag has 2 handles. I think if your wife is looking for a black/brown roxy in outlets and you have found one then it really should be ok. As far as I am aware the current model of the bag does not differ in appearence from those produced a couple of years ago. Of course leather type may be different by I think that the current model is made of natural leather. I expect someone more expreienced will be along to help you soon.
  4. Could it be roxanne tote or something that you have found rather than the regular roxanne as don't they have 1 strap?
  5. Good point Copper, you should call the store again and check that the bag is actually a 'plain and simple Roxanne' and not a roxanne tote or any other style of roxanne that may have been produced. Good luck!!
  6. There is also the Roxanne Satchel which is very different and can still be seen on the Mulberry website.

    The normal Roxanne is still the same shape that it was back in 2005 and has three straps to close it and 2 shoulder straps.
  7. How sweet of you to buy your wife a Roxanne :biggrin:
    Here's a pic of a chocolate roxanne (3 straps over the top) and then a roxanne A4 tote (just 1 strap over the top), hope this helps.

    It sounds like the outlet is refering to the A4 tote.
    Good luck in finding the right one!

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  8. The only change (apart from leather types) is to the hardware - the older ones aren't as shiny , more of a dull brass. The new ones are a lot shinier.
  9. Thank you all very much for your help. Im going to find an excuse to drive to the shop myself tomorrow. I hope I get it right!
  10. Hope you manage to get something that she'll love!
  11. What a lovely, thoughtful thing to do for your wife. I hope your shopping trip goes well
  12. Oh girls, you all are SO NICE!!! I was genuinely touched by how kind all of you were, posting all these very useful reference information, and I wasn't even the one who was going to get the bag :lol:
    Clk, I hope you manage to get the bag that you're looking for.