Differences in ZCs

  1. I just noticed this about ZCs.

    Quilted ZC dimensions are 7.75"x4"x1"
    Soft Calf ZC dimensions are 8"x4"x1"

    The older quilted ZCs (Fall 05) does not have a back pocket and a bigger zipper than the softcalf ZCs. New ZCs have the back pocket.

    Does anyone know which season had the Quilted ZCs with the tassles? and When they started the quilted ZC?

    (yes I know I'm a complete dork about posting this! :lol:, I guess it just helps me when I'm stalking eBay for ZCs..lol)
  2. Not sure about the size difference although I haven't seen a difference IRL when they're next to each other. As far as I know, the tassels were only on the Fall 05 ZCs which is the same season quilted ZCs were first produced.
  3. thanks thithi! i guess the fall 05 quilted zc should have the serial also since fall 05 is when mj started doing that right?