Differences in Vernis Stamping Depth?? Help!

  1. Okay girls (and guys)

    I have noticed that on a couple different vernis pieces I've had or have the stamping depth of the design is different. I mean, some of the pieces the indentations of the designs are very deep into the leather and other pieces are not as deep.

    Can you take a look at your vernis pieces and see if there are any differences between colors, or old/new, or small/large pieces? Thanks ladies!!!!
  2. Yes, I've noticed mine varies from piece to piece, regardless of whether they're the same color! For example...the stamping on my framboise cles is much deeper than the stamping on my framboise Reade or Bedford.

  3. YES!!!! Ok, now that's what I'm saying....My key holder is much, much, deeper stamped than my reade PM and the bedford I had! Wow! I wonder why??:shrugs: :shrugs:
  4. I only have one Vernis piece, so no I haven't noticed it, but here is mines. It's not a close up, but I can take some later if needed.

    Now that I look at it in the pic, it doesn't look too far down.
  5. ^^ Yup! Looks just like mine did!! I guess it's true!

    Thanks for the pic!!
  6. Yes, I've noticed this, too.
  7. YES! I have a blue thompson st. and bought a blue broome to go with it and the broom's stamps are much deeper. I almost thought I bought a fake :wtf: but an SA told me that sometimes older pieces are stamped a little differently ... my wallet is older than my bag! I'll take a photo tonight.
  8. Yeah..my oldest Vernis pieces are my Bronze Ludlow and my Beige Houston..I notice that the Ludlow is stamped much more lightly than my Houston, which is stamped a lot deeper.
    I think it just depends on the person who made it, actually.
  9. There's definitely differences! I like it to be deeper. I think it looks more distinctive that way.
  10. Yes, I've noticed the difference in my pieces too. In fact, on my pochette clefs, the two different sides even have a slight difference!
  11. Wow!! I can't believe it, I thought I was going nuts!! I'm so glad to hear that you have all found the same thing!!
  12. Yup! I have noticed the same thing while looking at pix from elux and vuitton.com!