Differences in ugg boots (1 pair )

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  1. i got my classic short in sand this morning, but one seems to be ever so slightly lighter than the other, i'm fairly picky so it might be something that only i would notice, i tried to take some pics, not sure if anyone can see any difference.
    anyone else had differences ?


  2. 'scuse the manky outside pic !
  3. It's hard to tell in the pictures but I don't think it's being picky at all wanting your shoes to match! If it bugs you, take them back!
  4. Yeah i can kinda see the difference but its tricky because sometimes when the material is laying a certain way, they look darker but if you feel weird about it take them back.
  5. i got a second opinion from DH and he said the same as soon as he saw them, so they've been sent back, they said they'd exchange them anyway, not very impressed with tReds website actually, they say they have things in stock, you order them , then a day later they send an email to say they're out of stock.
    its like one of the boots was a display one and wasn't as "new" as the other, probably not something anyone would notice but when spending £130 i'd quite like them to match !
  6. The one on the left looks a little more grey than the other.