Differences in quality of Hermes bags?

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  1. I noticed some differences in the quality of the bags at the Hermes store. Some bags are better made than others - in the stitching, in the finishing, the appearance of the leathers. I was previously offered 2 box kellies. The first one had a perfectly smooth leather appearance whilst the second one had a gently undulating surface that was quite obvious in the spotlight. I am not saying the second one was poor quality but comparing both, you could really tell one was "better" than the other.

    I know these bags are handmade but have this tiny suspicion that perhaps to cope with demand, the quality control is perhaps not as "stringent"??
  2. Or could the craftsmen have different degrees of skill?
  3. Could it be the different type of leathers being used? Some leathers have veining and others don't. But given all Hermes bags are handmade, they would definitely have certain differences in quality. Or look at it another way, each one is unique.
  4. Since leather is a natural product, there are varying degrees of uality at any time. Hermes strives to only use the very best, and rejects the rest, but I have noticed the difference in the box calf leather from vintage bags to modern day bags - the older ones are better.
  5. Quite sure they do have differing levels of skills but unfortunately we pay the same price for the bag regardless of whether the bag was made by a craftsman who is more skilled or less skilled. I believe that's where quality control comes in... you only allow bags of a certain standard to be sent to the stores....

    I only noticed the difference coz this was one of those rare instances where I could compare 2 identical kellies side by side (same size, same leather etc)
  6. This is a very good point.
  7. My SA told me that in Japan there is a quality control person who inspects everything that comes in from Paris. If this inspector sees any tiny thing that does not meet the standards of Japanese store, it is sent back to Paris. These are things that no one even looks for at USA stores.

    One of the give aways as to skill of the craftsman is the handle of the Kelly. This is the hardest part of the Kelly to make. Maybe a Kelly expert will explain this better.

    I have a Kelly from the 60's and have noticed that the stitches are shorter and more beautiful than any of my newer bags. the underside of the handle does not have the padding of the newer bags, however.
  8. From talking with people who know a lot more than I about such things, I have heard that Hermes has very high quality control. Of course, sometimes I can imagine that things slip under the radar as we're all human.

    Since the pieces are made with animal skins ( all being different ) there will be sometimes obvious differences in the skins. I've seen Ostrich bags, two side by side, with differing size patterns....some larger, some smaller.

    Togo grains and Clemence grains can differ ( especially clemence...) I don't feel that means that any less skilled craftsman made our handbags. Perhaps the smaller accessories, but not the bags....they have to train for years to be able to produce these.
  9. This is very, very interesting! I have a little something in Box calf under the tree right this minute from the Boyz.....30+ years old. Once I tear into that sucker, I'll compare things with my 1-year old Box calf Kelly and see how they compare......report on the 26th!
  10. Barring any flaws (which hopefully would not be able to pass quality control) anything that's entirely handmade will differ a little from craftsman to craftsman. Even the same craftsman. I know with crochet or knitting you can make the same pattern over and over but it will always be a tiny bit different depending on the materials or if you are having a relaxed or stressed day. I like H because the handmade quality makes each bag unique. :smile:

    S'mom, can't wait to see what you got and hear your report! :wlae:
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