Differences in Perforated Speedy?

  1. I have an Mono Perf Speedy in Orange received as a gift from a client of mine back in early spring. My best friend just got one today. When I was looking over hers, I noticed that there are differences. Mine has imprint on the top of the outer leaf, no 30 under it and the studs on the inside at the handles are blank and on the outer studs, all are engraved louis vuitton with a little diamond shape, my date code is inside of the inside pocket on the right side very close to the seam. Hers does not have any imprint on the outer leaf, no 30 either, her outer studs looked the same too but the inner ones are engraved. Her date code is in the same place too but why are they so hard to see and so close to the seam? She came straight from LV store and now I am thinking mine is not real which kills me cause I've done favors for this person ever since she was nice enough (or so I thought) to give me such a nice gift. What to do? :huh:
  2. i thought the mono perf speedy only came in red, fushia, and green?
  3. just bring yours into the LV store and get them to look it over....or if you can take pictures...it would help alot!
  4. brodieslvmama, the only thing i can advise you is to bring it to an lv boutique for peace of mind!
  5. There is one close so I will. Thanks to you all for help! I am so embarrassed, if I take it there and it is fake, I think I will just die. I have a real Alma and I've been looking over it trying to see if there are any differences in stitching, etc but I can't tell. I've wasted most of this night on searching all over the internet but that isn't helping either. Ok, thanks again!
  6. maybe you can take a pic and the experts here can help you!
  7. I just tried to take some pics but they suck. Very blurry, bad with flash, too dark without. I really looked closely at my girlfriends bag after I noticed the inner stud thing and I couldn't find anything else that wasn't the same. I am just going to have to take it to the LV store and see what they say. I never, ever would have thought twice about it until today (the woman who gave it to me is outrageously wealthy and a very good client). Now I'm all flustered and wondering, if they tell me it's fake, do I say something to her? What if she purchased it from someone who duped her? Do I open a whole can of worms? Ugh, what a pain. I hate my girlfriend for buying that bag today and she did because she liked mine so much...sheesh!
  8. Don't worry there is for sure something that explain the difference. Too bad your camera can't take clear close up. Usually all bags from a same line and style are identical. let us know :smile:
  9. Hi,

    The bag does not suppose to have any imprint for the outer leaf, 4 stiches each side total of 8 stiches (the same length stiches), no 30 stamp under the leaf,the date code is hard to see as the fake one has very visible date code (blackish/deep stamp),the inside studs has louis vuitton engraving. I am afraid to tell you that your bag could be fake. Good luck, pls let us know..

    Does the date code similar to this?? very visible??

    It's date code from fake bag found in Ioffer ...
  10. No, you can't see the date code at all, it's on the inside of the inner pocket, you have to turn it inside out and it's so close to the seam, I am afraid to tear it, I don't think it's colored or I'd be able to see it. It does have four stitches on each side on the outer leaf but then it also has that imprint...no 30, (i've picked up some stuff on this site too) it has 5 stitches across the top tabs where the handles are connected and the O is round, Oh heck, it's 2am, I am on here instead of sleeping all because of a handbag...I must be insane. I'll post results tomorrow when I return from the mall. Thank you all so very much!
  11. I really hope it's the real deal..hope hearing from you tomorrow...
    No..not insane..just obsessed :biggrin:
  12. y not carry ur real lv into the store as ur purse and put the speedy in a bag, that way they will know u do own real lv and ur "present" story is true!
  13. Good idea!:yes:
  14. fush, orange and green