Differences in Mono Canvas

  1. Hi gals,
    I bought two speedies tonight....one is going back, but I wanted to pick the better one. I got one at Neiman Marcus and the canvas seems heavier and it's kind of dull. The other one is from LV and the canvas is shiny and the monogram is darker than the one from NM. I tried to take a pic with my camera, but it's junk....it doesn't really show the difference. What do you think? Is there differences in the canvas or am I being too paranoid?
  2. Wow! I look really really carefully when I buy LV but I have never noticed or even knew of this difference. *shocked*
  3. I only know of the difference in stiffness of the canvases...
    My Recital has a softer, more flexible canvas while my Coussin has a stiffer canvas.

    As for the shininess...my coworker's LV wallet that she's been using for a few years is very dark and shiny. The canvas of my credit card holder is dull and lighter.
  4. Wasn't there a thread earlier in which a pf member stated that lv changed the canvas on some of their bags? Maybe neiman's is still carrying the older canvas version?
  5. Thanks girls! Maybe the one from NM is older. Now I don't know which one to choose!
  6. Maybe you can check the date codes to see if one really is older than the other.:shrugs:
  7. I think this is normal. I remember once when I went to buy a wallet at the LV store, the SA brought out several for me to look at, and one was shiny and the other was slightly "duller" or matte.
  8. Yes, this has happened to me several times, especially when purchasing small leather goods. I ask the SA to look at them all to pick out the best one.