Differences in leather?

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  1. I have purchased a few spy bags from eBay and I find that there is a difference in the way the leather feels. I wonder if it is due to the breaking in of the leather and that some bags have been used a little more or is there a difference depending on the color of the leather. I have a honey spy that seems to be softer and has a different smell than my other bags. It also seems like the handles are less stiff and the bag does not hold its shape as well as the others. Am I crazy or is there really a difference?
  2. TC- they do soften up with use, also Some spy owners may use a lot of leather conditioner, which can potentially soften it also...that's why its best to just use a little light conditioner...only as needed. Also, improper storage can cause problems, the spy should be stuffed and bagged...!

    Another difference is by year. In 2005 (1st year bags), there was much experimentation, and some of the leather is thinner in very early bags. In 2007, a water and fade resistent top coat was placed on the bags, changing the feel of it.

    Finally, I have noticed a few anomalies by "batch" of leather...like some of SAICH2s heavily bubbled and thick leather bags and my "Wrinkles" Spy.

    I haven't noticed anything by "color" specifically...:confused1: