Differences in BABY CABAS LEATHER....

  1. Anyone else notice that the black baby cabas are super smushy leather...and the khaki are way STIFFER?
    I also noticed I like the chain on the Khaki cabas better than the black..the hardware on the Khaki is rose colored....I like that too..
    However..I have to admit the stiffness on the Khaki isnt as nice as the mushiness of the Black leather...LOL(I like bags the collapse when you put them down,The Khaki stands straight up..LOL!)
    Ok..Ive spent too much time with these bags..ROFL....Just wondering if anyone had any preferences between the leather variations..etc...
  2. Black smooth leather is better.
  3. Me too. I love a mushy, collapsable bag. The ones that stand on their own, don't appeal to me, as much. (Swanky... ;) )

    The metallic coating on the Khaki must be making it a bit stiffer?
  4. Jill, is teal as smooshy as the black? I love smooshy!
  5. ^Yep-teal is a smoother LOOKING leather..but its still smushy..LOL...
  6. Jeez--I can't wait to see irl...I think it is making its way across country on the back of a donkey or something...
  7. Yeah, I was just wondering where you teal was. Hope you get it soon.
  8. The khaki has a finish to it that makes it metallic. Just think metallic - metal- so naturally it would not be as soft as the leather on the other colors. But the khaki is stunning, losing the "squishy" is an even trade for the beauty of the color. HOWEVER I envy you all who get to "squish" your baby Cabas-- I LOVE LOVE LOVE soft leather. I wanted the color of the khaki so I just had to convince myself in the long run it was the better choice to add to my collection.
  9. True..Its a trade off for softer leather.I like the chain on the Khaki better..its thicker than the other CABAS bags too.And the color of the hardware is TDF!
  10. Yes, the double weave on the chain is so much prettier and the hardware color as already been stated is like rose gold in fine jewelry. I guess we can get another style Chanel to squish:yes:
  11. Jill, you just made me stop lusting for another Cabas! Yeah!! I prefer a more structured bag and a nice, thick chain. I love the pics of the navy and black BC but one thing I hate about my Paddington is the slouch even though I love the style.
  12. actually I am the opposite. I love that the khaki one can stand up on its own, I am not too into bag that's "collapsed" when it's empty (I tend to like structured bags more). As to the chain strap, the one on the Khaki is prettier but do you think it is easier to fall down when you carry the bag on shoulder since the strap is thicker/wider? I wonder if the classic chain on the black and teal better stays on shoulder.
  13. ^ACTUALLY....Good point..I think the Black cabas with the thinner strap DOES stay on better..now that i think about it!LOL!
  14. I DEFINITELY like the softer leather better. Still haven't decided if I'm keeping my Khaki Baby Cabas or not! :confused1: I :heart: the idea of the bag, but just don't like how stiff it is....I would like it much better if it slouched more when it was on my shoulder! Might decide to sell it on eBay, since my days are up to return it to the store! :shrugs:
  15. Oh no, please don't! The Khaki color is gorgeous! please keep it!!!