Differences between...?

  1. What about Banane and Lady Peep? I have both and they 'feel' different which suggests a difference in their cut. The heel is lower on the Banane.
  2. So... what about the Alta Nodo? It is also a peep toe with a knot on the vamp, correct? :confused1: How does it compare to the Jenny, Griessimo, and Lady Gres??
  3. It is a d'orsay style with the larger knot like the Lady Gres and a double platform. I think the hh is 140mm but might be wrong there.
  4. Ya... it kind of looks to me like the Volpi style d'orsay cut.
  5. This is completely correct! :smile:

    While the Lady Gres is on the VP last, the Alta Nodo is on the Altadama last.
  6. Minibout and Open Clic?

    Pics welcome :smile:
  7. :ghi5:
  8. Ladies I have one.

    Can someone please tell me the difference between Miss Clichy 140 and Declic 140? The toe boxes (esp with the hidden platforms) look pretty much identical to me from pics.. Perhaps someone who owns both can shed some light?
  9. I'm not sure about newer versions of the Declic/Miss Clichy, but if you look at some pics, it looks like the Declic does not have a hidden platform that the Miss Clichy has.


  10. Thanks so much Nolia! :hugs: I did look at the ref threads but I guess my spot the difference skills is not that great! :p The Declic 140s do have a hidden platform as well.... but I guess they are not as high as the Miss Clichy? :shrugs: Thanks anyway!!