Differences between...?

  1. Very Prive vs No Prive? And apparently there are a whole bunch of other Prives?!

    The Lady Peep and the Banana Peep toe?
  2. ^^ Exactly my question too :amuse: I always get mixed up with the Banana & Lady Peep calling both the wrong things :p
  3. The vamp is the difference between the two, and the heel height. The Banana is a 140. The LP is a 150.

    The Banana has a small portion of material which covers your toe and allows for much more toe cleavage on both sides. The LP, however, has a larger portion of material which allows for less.
  4. Would you say the Bananas are easier to walk in then?
  5. Ha, I'm the wrong person to ask! :p

    I cannot wear this style personally as they just don't "fit" my foot. That said, yes most people do find the Bananas more comfortable and easy to walk in. :yes:
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  7. Thanks so much for the clarifications ladies.
    What about all the Prives?!
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  9. [​IMG]

  10. So one is slingback one is not? What about the other ones Hyper Prive?
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  12. OHHH I get it.

    No Prive = Slingback
    Very Prive = Peep-toe pump
    Hyper Prive = Covered platform!!

    Am I missing any other Prives? LOL
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  14. So Prive = Cork? =D