Differences between these clutches?

  1. I'm considering getting a Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch to use as a wallet. I'm confused about these two; they look just about identical to me, but the dimensions are a bit different.

    Graffiti Clutch:
    MARC by Marc Jacobs - Graffiti Clutch - Neiman Marcus

    Zip Clutch (Luxy?):
    MARC by Marc Jacobs - Zip Clutch - Neiman Marcus

    Is the Graffiti really 4" deep? The picture sure is off if that's the case. Is that the only difference? Those of you that have these, do you have pictures to share? Do you love them? This would be a pretty major purchase for me, so I'd like to do my research. I wish NM would show more pictures...

    Thanks everyone!
  2. I agree, I think these are both the same wallet, definitely a typo in the one that says it's 4 inches deep!
  3. Okay, thanks everyone! I'm still undecided, I think I'll wait and see how my current eBay auctions go (the ones I'm watching) before I make a decision. I've heard so many good things about MJ zip clutches (of all sorts), though, so I'm sure I wouldn't be disappointed.