Differences between Navona and Damier Pochette?

  1. To me, those two bags are pretty much the same... but the Pochette is 190 €, the Navona 250 €... is it worth the price difference?
  2. Someone did a comparison of the pochette (mono) and the navona (I think ayla did it). The pochette accessories is longer, but the navona is a bit wider and has a longer strap. :smile:
  3. The reason for the price difference is because the Navona has a strip of leather running along the sides and bottom of the pochette, hence the higher price.
  4. :idea: That's good to know... I always thought the Pochette's strap was too short.
  5. Just found ayla's thread (really helpful ayla! Thanks for posting the pix! :flowers:)... feel free to close this.