Differences between like and love?

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  1. How do you guys differentiate when to buy something? I've been having a lot of impulse purchases and wondering how do people just draw the line when your buying a bag?

    Do you buy a bag if you simply like it or do you buy a bag when you absolutely love it?
  2. I definitely have to love it before buying it. Secondly, it has to fit my lifestyle, be practical and be something I'm willing to use most days.

    I used to buy on impulse too but then after a very short while, I got bored with them and realized it's not something I really wanted. Now when something catches my eye, I do a lot of research on it first, ask questions, go to the store and try it on, then go home and think about it some more. After I've done all that and I still love it, I go and get it.
  3. There is a lot of difference between love and like.We like many things, but only a few things are loved by us . So I would definitely prefer to have anything that I love the most.
    Getting something for our loved ones is more wonderful. What do you think?
    If then love counts more than like right?
  4. Hmm.
    Good topic.

    Like seems to be a rose eyeglasses, gooey-oodles trip.
    Which requires outside attention & reinforcement.
    Or the joy fades quickly.
    Perhaps based in temporary delusion or bargain aisle.

    Love seems about suiting one's own needs.
    Perhaps being confused by popular choices.
    And going for a gorgeous, fulfilling oddball.
    Which becomes valued part of life, not decoration or regret.

    Hope helps.
  5. There are too many bags to love out there (not to mention too little closet space) to settle for like. Go for love.
  6. Short answer: I ONLY buy when I not only love a bag, but can't imagine not owning it. I never buy "like" bags. Not even for functional uses.

    Long answer: My bag purchases go through a bit of a different process than just like or love. 5-7 years ago, I had over 100 bags. Almost none that were quite right. (I only have one of them left.) Having gotten sick of the constant buying and frustrated with never feeling satisfied, I decided to purge. But, I also needed a better way to buy.

    After a lot of stumbles and missteps I came to my current approach. I keep an Evernote of all my bags on my phone. Every time I get dressed I chose a bag. If I have one I love that's great for my outfit, it gets a tick mark. If I don't, I make a note of what I needed (pastel shoulder bag, black crossbody, etc.).

    When a "need" gets a lot of tick marks (usually 5 or so within 3-6 months), I start hunting and buy the bag I fall madly / crazy / over the moon in love with that meets that need! 😍
    Now, I never, ever buy bags I just like. And I've ended up with bags (currently 25, I may buy 3-4 more) that I'm INSANELY in love with and fit my wardrobe and lifestyle. 😊👜👍
  7. Never buy on impulse. I will come back for 3 months to look at a bag, and if I don't get that same "heart stopping" experience each and every single time, I will not buy it...it's not love!
  8. Weeell, this might sound a little creepy but I know I love a bag/wallet/shoes/jeans if I start stalking it. :weird:
    I've given up impulse buying almost completely, and usually just take a breather before pulling the trigger. If, in the mean time, I look up the item in question online, think about it, imagine outfits including the said item and can't stop thinking about it - that's love.
    If that feeling doesn't come, then I know my infatuation will fade quickly.
  9. I only buy bags if I love them and they make sense for my style and needs. With new styles and colors being released all of the time and my existing collection, I've learned that just because I can appreciate a bag's beauty does not mean I ought to possess it. I'll appreciate it in store and watch the reveals here, but unless if it makes sense for me and makes my heart sing, it's not worth it. Inevitably, there will be a bag I like more that I find within a week of buying it.

    To really decide, I usually give it about 24-48 hours. If I love it, I'll know within that timespan. I'll compare it to other bags I have; asking myself, "Will it get equal wear or will I revert to an older bag?" or "Where and with what will I wear it?" If I'm still wishy-washy after a day or so, then it's a no-go. Another bag will come along that I do love and I can buy jewelry until then. It takes up less space. :biggrin:
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    In a perfect world, I would only buy bags I love that serves a purpose. However, I'm practical. Some bags are purchased because they are useful/practical and I like them (style & price point). I don't have a lot as compare to some of the members here but I do use all my bags. If they are not useful then I do not keep them. I like to keep things manageable.

    I have more likes than loves in my bag closet and I'm fine with that. My love for a bag is more that just a designer label on it. I find that my love for a certain bag only comes after I have physically handled the bag. Until then it's more like a deep infatuation. In fact one of the few bags I love is less than $100 and I initially bought it for a functional purpose and it was rushed decision.
  11. i only purchase bags i initially 'like' b/c i won't know if i 'love' the bag until i start using it. some bags i fell in love w/the color or design and they turned out to be impractical. and other bags that started as a like turned into love because they are so useful for my lifestyle. i just buy what i like and if it works out i keep it, and if it doesn't i immediately sell or return it. i try super hard to be honest about my lifestyle and my preferred way to wear a bag and i have become much better at curbing impulse purchases b/c i know another style will come out that i might like even more.
  12. This.
    I bought too many bags out of love, which turned out in burning disappointments.
    If I pick a bag because I know it works for me, I'll learn to love it.
  13. This could be me ... hundred bags and all ... right up through the notes part which, for me, is making a phone notation of which I am wearing to see how often I am using them. I've now cycled the majority of those hundred bags through my life and they are gone. I keep a core collection of about 22 out in a season. Sane, right?

    But it's the second part of Sparkletasic's post that is so helpful to me. I don't analyze what works with my wardrobe too much or my body type, winter coats vs. outfit underneath, or approach purchasing a new bag that way. So I am always in danger of choosing bags that I admire/like a lot/sometimes love but they don't work for me and, really, I haven't chosen them carefully enough for them to be keepers. I need to become categorical and analytical about what I NEED and combine that info with what I absolutely love as the ticket to reduce the stress I still feel in the sea of handbag availability and marketing (good morning overnight eblasts!) I like this approach very much because I'm part way there so it feels very doable. Thank you Sparkle!
  14. I try never to buy on impulse. I have to say that's very hard in Hermes because I never know what I'll be offered

    I can like hundreds of bags without buying them, not even thinking of buying them.

    A bag has to literally ooze perfection inside as well as out before I buy another. I am very lucky to own the bags I do, why would I add a 'like' bag? :shrugs:
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  15. Agreed with Hermes. Both of my H bags have been unplanned, but definitely no regrets as I was in love the moment I saw them.