Differences between box and swift???


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Jul 15, 2008
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These two leathers look so similar in photos so I am wondering how are they the same or different. Also is one more desirable than the other???


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Dec 19, 2005
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box is more desirable than swift as many vintage bags are made from this leather. it is prone to scratches relative to other leathers but develops a beautiful sheen. swift is soft and malleable to the touch (slouches over time) and box is harder and sturdy (keeps it shape).


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Oct 10, 2006
I absolutely cannot stand box leather but others love it. Box is very prone to scratches and easily scuffs. It is very structured and will always hold it shape.....very rigid if you will. It is very dressy IMO and cannot really be dressed "down" if need be.

Swift is soft and luxurious and is one of my favorite leathers. Swift holds color more beautifully than the other leathers. Having said, I adore swift but would only purchase it in a darker colored bag because Rose Dragee for instance, would be a bag that would easily trap dirt and marks that are impossible to get out without a spa treatment.

Swift is very versatile as it can go out for a fancy evening or be dressed down with jeans depending on what style bag you have.

Swift is not as fragile as box but is less sturdy than clemence or togo if that helps. I would consider box and swift to be polar opposites as far as feel, texture, rigidity, etc. :P



Jan 17, 2009
my first bag is a birkin 35 is swift i looooovvvveeee it the scratching deal is not so bad and its super soft something that my kelly box retourne has never had the shine on the box is very different as swift is matte and truth fully loving my box mostly because its a kelly i like the way swift has aged better also i have to say that swift for a birkin is ideal in terms of softness and plushness box however is so much of a classic that i also love the look . and theres always the question of spa i have found that swift responds a lot better to the spa than box . hope it helps darling .birkel.


Sep 7, 2006
I don't feel that Box is only for dressed up. I wear my Box Kellys with everything including jeans and shorts.
In fact as between Box and Swift, I don't think there is a difference in dressiness factor in the way that there clearly is between Box and, say, Togo or Clemence.
I prefer Swift in a clutch.


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Feb 26, 2009
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i think it is difficult to confuse Swift and Box. it would help you understand more other than look at the pictures to see them IRL. once you see both, then go back and read up in the reference section, it will make more sense for you!

desirability is a very subjective issue and also can be location driven. so in the end, what you like is more important than what is desirable. again, go in the store and touch/feel the leather!

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Oct 13, 2008
I disagree that box is only for dressy bags. My box kelly (worn with the strap) looks great with jeans and riding boots....


Jan 17, 2009
So does mine with jeans and a white blouse so casual and pretty granted it's vintage but it looks great yet I have not loved a birkin as much as my black swift I'll try up loading a picture not comparing since my box is so old , and true swift can make a color look brighter they look divine I just adore turquoise in swift and very favorite is rose drag in swif as it almost looks like it's made out of sugar !