1. Is there really a difference between the kelly and the birkin? style wise I mean, is one more 'formal' than the other?
  2. Yes there is a difference...

    Kelly has one handle only... it has to be closed and cannot be carried opened. Kelly tends to look smarter maybe because it is carried closed. It also comes with shoulder straps.

    Birkin has two handles... and is mainly carried opened like a tote so tends to look more casual. Shoulder straps cannot be used for Birkins.
  3. um, yes!! look at them side by side- they're completely different! The straps, the shape of the flap...

    IMO Kelly tends to be slightly more formal.
  4. I feel that Stylewise, kelly ir more formal, 'proper' and lady-like. IMHO.
  5. although it depends on color/leather too. A fuschia croc kelly :drool: might not be as proper as a black togo birkin.
  6. I have allways thought of the kelly as more formal, and the birkin as more casual...more like a tote
  7. Oooh...That's probably true too.

    Maybe it's because I cannot visualize leaving the Kelly with it's straps and folds all undone....just hanging out like a Birkin. :lol:

    Ahhhh...But if we're to compare a Fuschia Croc Kelly (I agree... :drool: ) with a Fuschia Croc Birkin? :drool: :drool: :drool: Then doesn't the Kelly still look more 'proper'? :P
  8. yep. When everything else is the same, I think the kelly is more proper.
    all this thinking about fuschia croc is making my heart flutter. :love:
  9. Kelly more elegant

    Birkin is a classy tote
  10. I think it depends on the size/leather. You could have a casual togo Kelly or a more dressy small suede Birkin. But for the most part I'd say the Kelly is more formal. :smile:
  11. H bags are chameleons and truly adapt to various fucntions, styles and looks according to size, leather and HW.