Difference with bag/wallet condition... pre owned, gently used, excellent...

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  1. I was wondering which is more commonly used. They all mean pretty much the same thing. They're all pre-owned, excellent is sort of like "like new", gently used can have a few flaws... Just wondering which is best or more commonly used to describe used bags/wallets. (Assuming sellers are honest.)
  2. I'm selling a bag now that I descibed and "pre-owned" because is has two small spots of wear on the back. If I used a bag only once and there are no marks, scuffs, or flaws, then I say "like new or EUC-excellent used condition". I make it a point to be honest and email additional pictures if necessary.
  3. Actually, using "like new" is considered keyword spamming if item really isn't NEW.

    It's either new, or it's not. There is no "like new", because technically EUC would be not only more appropriate but wouldn't get a seller in trouble for using terms that would be considered spamming.
  4. I see "Pre-Loved" a lot; I think its cute!

    But yeah, its new or it isn't, just make sure to disclose ANY AND ALL imperfections because I read this forum a lot and buyers get upset when a seller doesn't tell them about marks, rips, etc.

    And make it really clear in your listing too because some people just don't read your description, but if you have it there in writing then I'm sure that the buyer would be a little less angry!

    IMO, its probably a lose/lose situation either way though.:shrugs:
  5. Oh yes I try my best to be completely honest and disclose anything and everything. I hate the hassle of dealing with an unhappy buyer and blah blah.

    So if I have a bag that I used once just to church thats all (I came back after church and changed out of it because its white and I was terrified of getting it dirty), its still used right? Yes I see that ebay has changed a lot since I used it last. It was pissing me off when it kept canceling my listing saying it was counterfeit and it wasn't.
  6. Since I'm a newbie at this what do you mean by "keyword spamming" and how does a person "spam" when using that description in a listing? Does that mean sending false information? Thanks!
  7. ^^ Ebay removes listings that use "like new" in the title - because if someone ran a search for "new *****" a "like new" listing would also turn up - when the person is looking just for "new" not "like new" if you see what i mean - and Ebay call it keyword spamming - making something show up in a search by using words to improve/exaggerate condition e.t.c There are other examples. People do use it quite a lot in the listing description and i don't think they worry about that....
  8. ^^O.k i didn't explain that too well,i hope you understand what i mean! :smile:
  9. Thank you for explaining that to me sianii. I learn something new about selling on ebay everyday. I did not know that sellers do that by saying "like new". I think I assumed "like new, and excellent used condition" to be one in the same.