Difference in weight between Small Bayswater and Small Zipped Bayswater?

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    I'm working up to purchasing my first Mulberry and deciding between the small bays and small zipped bays (both in the newer style, not heritage). I understand the original and heritage bags were quite heavy but that the newer styles are lighter. Weight is important to me due to shoulder issues, so I was wondering if anyone has experience with either or both bags, and how they feel to carry around all day.

    And one smaller question (to avoid clogging up the forums with a second post): Do folks find that the NVT colors (like Oak) are delicate enough to require avoiding rain? I have a Mansur Gavriel bag in VT leather which I love, but don't use in the winter/rainy season because it stains easily, and I want this purchase to be more of an all-arounder.

    Thanks so much!
  2. I have the small bays in oak and it is both lightweight and fine in the rain!! Very nice bag! I think the small zipped is a bit bigger, you should check!
  3. I have a Small Zipped Bayswater and I don't usually find it too heavy (although if you tend to put a lot in your bag, you might feel the weight)

    In terms of the rain, oak small classic grain/natural grain leather is more hardier than NVT, so I think it would hold up well in the rain. Oak NVT usually shows up water marks, although you can use Collinol Waterstop Spray to protect the bag.
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    Thanks so much— somehow I didn’t see this until now! I was under the impression that the natural grain leather, which is the only material that oak seems to come in, is basically the same as their NVT, just with grain printing?
  5. As far as I know, the small zipped bayswater in oak only comes in the natural grain leather (but I was talking about another oak NVT leather Mulberry that I used to own). The natural grain leather feels different, not as soft as NVT (for me anyway). It has grain printing on which will make it more hardier so maybe better for days when the weather is not so good.

    I do have a small zipped bayswater in oxblood, which is why I was talking about the weight. I didn't mean to confuse you in my earlier post - sorry!
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