Difference in the patina process of the handles versus the tabs?

  1. Hey everyone,

    I just got my new Speedy 30 about 2 weeks ago and have been using it religiously. I even tried 'tanning' it when we went to eat brunch outside. It's starting to change color on the leather bits, but I noticed that the tabs are changing a bit quicker than the handles. I've been pretty good about keeping my hands clean when I hold the handles and try to hold the bag on the crook of my arm most of the time. Has anyone seen this happen? I'm just a little worried since I don't want the leather to be two different colors. For a short time, I actually thought I received a fake, but it can't be -- I ordered it from Elux!

    Thanks for your help!
  2. It would not be a fake if it is from eluxury.
  3. Sorry, I know it can't be fake since it is from Eluxury, that's why I doubted myself. But I'm still wondering all the same -- has anyone else experience this?
  4. That happened to me when i sprayed my Azur Speedy with the Wilsons spray. I noticed the tables were just a tad darker. I thought it may have to do with the rolled handles, maybe its thicker leather than the tabs.
  5. The same thing is happening with my 40. The piping seems to be changing the slowest. I wouldn't worry, just enjoy the process.

  6. I've heard of it happen... not all leather parts on a bag will have the exact amount of patina at the same time.
  7. Vachetta is natural, "naked" leather (yes, that's a legit term used in the industry), so it varies highly. Also, consider that the tabs might not have come from the same leather as was used for the handles, so it could age diffferently for that reason.
    You have absolutely nothing to be worried about: the patination will eventually even out over time. It really will. Be patient and enjoy!
  8. Yep, enjoy!!!
  9. Don't worry, hon. It will all even out in time. I own the mono Speedy 25 and 30. On both bags, the tabs went slightly darker than the handles. There's always some differences...in fact the canvas on my Speedy 25 is quite a bit rougher than the 30 & isn't as shiny (and I bought both from the boutique).